Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

Departure Release Date: Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

Departure Release Date: Cast, Plot and Trailer Explained

Departure is the aptly named series on whi9hc the characters try to solve the mystery of a plane that vanishes in thin air just over the Atlantic Ocean. 

The series wowed audiences with its portrayal of the mystery and drama involved in the disappearance of the plane. Unlike most shows on TV, the show also uses suspense in a unique way of keeping the audience hooked. 

Departure Release Date

Originally, the show aired on 10 July 2019 on Universal TV but the show will be available to US viewers from 17 September 2020 and the show will air on the NBC streaming service Peacock. 

Departure Cast

One of the main roles is played by British actress Archana “Archie” Panjabi. She is a history maker who established herself by becoming the first-ever Asian actor and Asian woman to win an Emmy in acting. 

Her performance in The Good Wife made her a household name among fans of Tv and she became an icon especially to Asian actors working in Hollywood. She is known mostly for her roles as an Indian character on many shows. 

The leading lady’s parents immigrated from the Sindh region in India. However, she grew up in England and was born in Edgware, London. 

Howard Lawson is played by the veteran actor and recipient of the order of Canada, Christopher Plummer. He is perhaps the most experienced and respected actor in the show. 

Some of his iconic roles include Georg von Trapp in The Sound of Music, J. Paul Getty in All the Money in the World, Leo Tolstoy in The Last Station, etc. 

He is also an Academy Award winner and a thespian in the small group of actors who have won the Triple Crown in acting.  

Dom, the partner of the lead character played by Panjabi, Kendra Malley is depicted by Kris Holden-Ried. He is an actor well-trained in sword fighting and stage combat. 

He was formerly a part of the Canadian National Pentathlon Team but he turned to act and has become popular esp[ecially within Canada. 

Kristian Bruun has a relatively small role as that of Daniel Hoffman who is a passenger on the airplane that disappears. 

Another British actress Rebecca Liddiard plays the role of Madelyn Strong on the show. She is a young but talented actress who started her career back in 2012. 

Peter Mensah is also a part of the ensemble on the show, he was cast as Levi Hall; Senior TSIB investigator. 


The show is well executed and the actors bring a new layer to the character. The events of the show starts after Flight 716 vanishes in the Atlantic Ocean. Panjabi plays the lead who must investigate the highly suspect disappearance. 

She must investigate her past boss. Her character has recently lost her husband and must struggle with the demons within and outside her. After the vanishing, the lead must work fast with her team to find out the cause of the airplane’s tragic disappearance. 

All of the reasons, including terrorism and pilot suicide are taken into account but what she discovers is far from what the audience expects. While the tragedy is still fresh ion their memories, she must work hard to prevent it from happening again. 

Christopher Plummer’s acting as her former boss is excellent and keeps on pushing the audience to search for an answer of their own.  

In addition to solving the mystery, they are also hopeful of finding survivors and save them if possible. The location of the plane is also missing which makes it that much more difficult.  


The trailer for the show was released in July 2019., 

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