Cast, Release Date and Trailer Explained

‘Locked Up’ aka ‘El Oasis’ Season 5: Cast, Release Date and Trailer Explained

‘Locked Up’ aka ‘El Oasis’ Season 5: Cast, Release Date and Trailer Explained

Locked Up also known as El Oasis is a new Spanish crime thriller series produced for Fox Spain.

This show has had a turbulent history considering it was once dropped off by “Antena 3” but then again got picked up by “Fox Spain”. So far, 4 seasons have been released and audiences have enjoyed all the seasons wildly. That is why they have another season coming up. El Oasis is actually a spin-off which shows characters Macarena and Zulema trying to separate after doing a couple of robberies.

Locked Up is hoping to recreate the magic and following that other Spanish shows such as Elite and La Csa De Papel have done before.

The series was canceled after the second season and the actors had gone to do different things. When it was re picked, they had to change some of the actors and change filming locations but eventually, the creators made it work and brought us season 3 and 4. Now, they have brought season 5 of this show that means so much to many people. 

Locked Up Aka El Oasis Cast

The cast and crew up Locked Up are a bunch of talented people. The series was directed by Sandra Gallego and Miguel Angel Vivas and they made a very nice casting choice on this how. 

Maggie Civantos plays the role of Macarena Ferreiro who is one of the main stars of the show and she looks breathtaking on her Instagram posts.

Another star of the show is played by Najwa Nimri who absolutely stole the show on the fourth season of Money Heist.

Itziar Castro is also very charismatic and serves the fire on this show. She is an actress as well as a singer and writer.

These are the main stars of the show and have maximum screen time. However, other cast members are also talented and they are as follows:

  • David Ostrosky
  • Lucas Ferraro
  • Claudia Riera
  • Alma Itzel Mendez
  • Pablo Vazquez
  • Paula Gallego
  • Natalia Hernandez
  • Isabel Naveira
  • Lisi Linder
  • Almagro San Miguel
  • Lolo Diego
  • Carlos Bayona
  • Ana Maria Picchio
  • Fernando Sansegundo
  • Ivan Morales
  • Asier Iturriaga
  • Ismael Palacios

Alba Flores also appears on the show for just 2 episodes but her appearance on the show is going to be amazing as she has a huge fan following her iconic role as Nairobi in the Money Heist.

There are other minor cast members of the show as well which I haven’t mentioned here. you can check the full cast of the show on the official IMDB page of the show.

Locked Up Aka El Oasis Release Date

Locked Up is scheduled to release on July 31, 2020, on Netflix.

The fans can watch the whole show at one sitting because it’s Netflix and they promote the idea of binge-watching the shows. The show has been marketed nicely and the fans are really eager to watch this season as well. It’s not as big of a hit as Money Heist but not all shows can be as iconic as Money Heist.

Locked Up Aka El Oasis Trailer Explained

If you want to watch the trailer of Locked Up: El Oasis, you can just click here and watch it. The trailer looks really well edited and stars female stars which not a lot of shows do. After all the show is about 2 women.

This one minute trailer is very well made because it reveals no spoilers but also gives you some temptations to watch it as all good trailers do. The series is going to about the struggle of a young woman who was sentenced to prison after being manipulated by her boyfriend into embezzling funds and has to rise up and survive through that. The trailer shows just that idea.

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