Cast, Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled?

The American dark comedy series, Black Monday which depicted the story of the history’s worst stockmarket crash in Wall Street back in October 1987 completed its second season just recently on July 19, 2020, and fans are already wondering whether there will be a third season of this series or not. Here is everything we know about the third season of this Showtime series Black Monday.

Is Black Monday Season 3 Renewed or Cancelled?

The renewal or cancellation of a new season of the series is always based on the viewer’s ratings of the show. Since the show has just ended on 19th July 2020, there is no official confirmation about whether the show will get renewed or not. However, the good news is that it has not been canceled yet.

The show has a spectacular and A-listed Hollywood casts like Don Cheadle, Andrew Rannells, Regina Hall, Paul Scheer and many more. So the series is certainly among the most popular ones.

The producers and Showtime network might take their time before deciding whether they would bring the next season or not and that is totally understandable. But we should not be over-optimistic about this.

As I already mentioned, the future of the show depends on the ratings from the viewers. This second season has not yet received as much viewer ratings as in the previous season and some say that the viewers might have been distracted right now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The numbers of viewers and the rating are extremely low and are more than 72% lower than the first season and hence no networking channel would want to keep such a lower-rated show. This is making us very nervous right now because as we all know, the higher the ratings the better chance there is for the survival of the program. 

So there is a possibility that the show to be axed due to such numbers. And also due to the pandemic situation, it certainly is not a good time for TV production.

As much as we would like there to be a third season because of the amazing actors and the dark comedy, we might have to accept the situation if the third season of the series gets canceled due to lack of proper viewer ratings.

Black Monday Cast and Release Date

As it is not yet confirmed whether there would be a third season of Black Monday, we are not sure about either the Release date or the cast of the third season yet. However, the fans can expect the following main casts from Season 1 & 2 to return if the show is renewed.

  • Don Cheadle as Maurice Monroe
  • Regina Halls as Dawn Darcy
  • Andrew Rannells as Blair Pfaff
  • Paul Scheer as Keither Shankar
  • Kurt Braunohler as Ty Daverman
  • Casey Wilson as Tiffany Georgina
  • Ken Marino as Larry and Lenny Leighman
  • Horatio Sanz as Wayne; and many more

Black Monday: Plot

The story of Black Monday in season one starts with Maurice Monroe (Mo) and his group of outsiders taking on the old boys club of the wall street in 1987. They ultimately lead to the largest stock market crash in history.

Season 1 ends with a suspicious person in the Wall Street firm who plummets to death on 19th October and why. The season two shows that Mo and Keith had fled far away from Wall Street and the season focuses on the aftermath of the market crash.

In the middle of the season, Mo makes it clear that he has been conspiring with the FBI. In the finale of the season, there comes a synopsis that says that a plan finally comes together for the group and various events would culminate for a surprising conclusion. Such a vague ending has room for another season’s story. We hope that the Showtime would realize the potential of the show and with the right marketing would give us another installment of new episodes.


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