Catherine Fitzgerald Ex Husband, Age and Net Worth

Who Is Edward Lambton? Everything On Catherine Fitzgerald’s Ex-Husband Age and Net Worth: Where Is He Now?

Who Is Edward Lambton? Everything On Catherine Fitzgerald’s Ex-Husband Age and Net Worth: Where Is He Now?

Edward Lambton is an Earl also known as a British nobleman. Edward Lambton is a famous 7th Earl of Durham and a musician.

Edward belongs to one of the richest and greatest British families with mindblowing family history and he inherited all the estate of his father and his forefather. Edward Lambton is a member of a band called Pearl. Edward Lambton has been married 3 times and his recent marriage was in 2011.

Edward Lambton has been in the limelight after he was inherited as the Earl of Durham despite having a number of disputes with some of his sisters. Despite being an earl he even followed his passion for music as a result he even joined a band to pursue his career in music.

Name Edward Lambton
Birthday October 19, 1961
Age 58
Gender Male
Nationality British
Net Worth $45 Million
Married/Single Married
Wife Marina Hanbury
Children 4

10 Facts on Edward Lambton:

  1. Edward Lambton was born on October 19, 1961, in England, United Kingdom.
  2. His age is just 58 years old as his 59th birthday is just 6 days shy from the time of this article was put down.
  3. Edward Lambton is Catherine Fitzgerald’s Ex-Husband as they got married in 1995 and unfortunately separated in the year 2002 ending their 7 year-long martial life.
  4. Edward Lambton’s net worth as of 2020 is around $45 million dollars including all his assets.
  5. His height is approximately 5 feet and 9 inches tall which is about 175cm high.
  6. He is currently very happy with his married life with Marina Hanbury as they got married in 2011 and have been together for almost 9 years.
  7. He is the son of Anthony Lambton and mother Belinda Blew-Jones.
  8. Edward has 4 children in total one with his wife Christabel Mary McEwen and 3 with his other wife Marina Hanbury.
  9. Information regarding his personal life and professional career is available on Wikipedia.
  10. Edward has stayed away from all kinds of social media as he prefers not to stay in limelight.

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