Cecilia Bolocco wikipedia, Edad, Hijos, Biografia: Carlos Menem Ex-Wife

Cecilia Bolocco: Everything To Know About Carlos Menem Ex-Wife

Cecilia Bolocco: Everything To Know About Carlos Menem Ex-Wife

Cecilia Bolocco, the ex-wife of Argentine Senator and former president, Carlos Menem, is a Chilean actress and a TV Host. She is also the titleholder of the Miss Universe Chile and Miss Universe in 1987.

She has currently emerged into the media’s eyes following the death of Carlos Menem at age 90. Paying condolences to the family and friends of the deceased one, meet Cecilia Bolocco as we reveal everything to know about Carlos Menem’s ex-wife.

Quick Facts: Cecilia Bolocco: Everything To Know About Carlos Menem Ex-Wife

Name Cecilia Bolocco
Birthday May 19, 1965
Age 55 years old
Gender Female
Height 1.73 m
Nationality Chilean
Profession Actress/TV Host
Parents Enzo Bolocco Cintolesi and Rose Marie Fonck Assler
Siblings 4
Married/Single Single
Children Máximo Saúl Menem Bolocco
Divorce Michael Young (2001), Carlos Menem(2011)
Education INCA-CEA Institute.
Instagram ceciliabolocco
Twitter Cecilia Bolocco

10 Interesting Facts on Cecilia Bolocco

  1. Cecilia Bolocco is the ex-wife of former Argentine president Carlos Menem who recently died at age 90.
  2. How old is Cecilia Boloco? Born on May 19, 1965, in Santiago, Chile, Cecilia Bolocco’s edad (Spanish for age) of 2021 is 55 years old. Her full name is Cecilia Carolina Bolocco Fonck.
  3. Speaking of family, she was born to Enzo Bolocco Cintolesi and Rose Marie Fonck Assler. She has 4more siblings namely Diana Bolocco, Verónica Bolocco, Rodrigo Bolocco, and Juan Pablo Bolocco. 
  4. Cecilia Bolocco was married to American actor Michael Young from 1990-2001. She married Carlos Menem in 2001 but got divorced in 2011. Speaking of her Hijos (sons), she has one with Carlos Menem, Máximo Saúl Menem Bolocco.
  5. She was 35 years younger than her former husband Carlos Menem. The relationship didn’t work out as the divorce procedure started in 2007 but was legitimized officially in 2011.
  6. We can find about Cecilia Bolocco’s biografia on her official Wikipedia page. 
  7. We can find her on Instagram at ‘ceciliabolocco‘ that has nearly 440k followers. Her Twitter account ‘Cecilia Bolocco‘ has over 6k followers.
  8. She is the crowned winner of the 1987’s Miss Universe Chile and the first Chilean woman to win the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant held in Singapore in 1987.
  9. She has worked as a journalist for the Spanish edition of CNN for several Chilean television. She has also been seen as a judge in the 1996 Miss Universe held in Los Angeles, Nevada.
  10. She has also performed in several movies including Yo soy Betty, la fea (2001), La nany (2005), and Falabella: Belleza (2009)

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