Celebrity Apprentice 2021: Camilla Franks Parents Age Net Worth: Who Is Her Mother?

Who Is  Camilla Franks Mother? Her Parents And Family Background

Who Is  Camilla Franks Mother? Her Parents And Family Background

Camilla Franks is an Australian Fashion Designer and she has an extraordinary relationship with her mother Narelle Franks.

Camilla Franks is a designer. The Australian artist is known for her own brand, Camilla, whose works are sold in 55 countries across the globe.

The fashion icon is now part of Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2021. In the show, she will be raising funds for National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The fashion icon was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2018. The diagnosis was done just three weeks before she gave birth to her daughter.

She is well known about the devasting impact of Breast Cancer. Prior to which wants to help those needy sufferers who go through such phase.

Camilla Franks Parents: Who Is Her Mother?

Camilla Franks’s parents are Bill Franks and Narelle Franks.

She is very close to her mother and father.

In an interview with The Carousel, she told that her mother provided her strength during her worst phase of life.

Her parents have always been on her side since childhood and are very supportive of her designing career.

There were times when the family had to go through a tragic phase. Her young brother Ben died when he was only fourteen.

Camilla says, during the period they supported each other and grew even stronger.

Her whole family is a role model for every people around the world.

Camilla Franks Age

Camilla Franks age is 45 years old as of May 2021.

She was born in the year 1976 and her birthday is on March 14.  As per astrology, she belongs to the Pisces sign.

Camilla Frank is engaged with to be husband JP Jones.

They had to hold their marriage due to Camilla’s pregnancy and cancer diagnosis. The couple will be probably marrying this year.

Camilla Franks Net Worth

Camilla Franks net worth is around $5 Million.

In fact, many sites suggest her estimated earnings net worth in millions.

According to Forbes, her international brand worth millions of dollars as of 2021.





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