Celebrity Game Face Cast, Release Date, Plot and Host Explained

Celebrity Game Face Cast, Release Date, Plot and Host Explained
Celebrity Game Face Cast, Release Date, Plot and Host Explained

Watch out for the latest edition of Celebrity Game Face Cast battling through ridiculous physical challenges. The E! network’s special will follow three celebrity couples taking absurd yet humorous challenges for charity. Sit tight and know about the show’s details.

Celebrity Game Face Cast

Hollywood’s three best couples Terry and Rebeca Crews, Sarah Hyland and her fiance Wells Adams, and Joel and Sarah McHale are the Celebrity Game Face Cast members. The show’s enthusiastic host, Kevin Hart said: “This is the show where your favourite famous couples go head-to-head in some crazy ass challenges, all from the confinements of their crib.”

Hart and his wife, Eniko laughs along with the viewers as they watch the three teams trying to solve the riddles. Well, that is one way to spend your quarantine time amid the pandemic. It would be an embarrassment if you are not familiar with the show’s cast. Let’s know why they are on Celebrity Game Face.

Terry and Rebecca Crews

The tall dark and savvy actor, Terry Crews had his fair share of fame in Hollywood. The muscleman from Michigan has worked everywhere from small to the big screen. Some of his movies include White Chicks, Blended, and the Expendable Series.

Likewise, if you are a fan of Crews, then you might have seen him as Terry Jeffords in the sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Rebeca King Crews is the woman who has supported her spouse through all of his dark times. She is a former beauty pageant contestant and has knowledge on music and theatre. She and Terry have been married since 1989 and they are the proud parents of five children.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

Who loved watching the annoying yet adorable Haley Dunphy in the ABC sitcom, Modern family? Sarah Hyland who received critical acclaim for portraying Haley is just like her tv character.

The 29-year-old actress is also known for working in movies like Vampire Academy, XOXI, The Wedding Year, etc. Her husband is the handsome reality star, Wells Adams.

Joel McHale and Sarah Williams

Don’t let the good looks fool you. That’s what you can think from seeing the hunky Joel McHale.

However, he is so much more than just a pretty face. Joel is an actor, writer, producer, and a television host. McHale is best known for hosting the E! show, The Soup from 2004-2015. He has a joyful married life with his spouse, Sarah Williams. The two have been married since July 1996.

Release Date

Viewers will get to see ‘Celebrity Game Face’ on July 6, 2020, on E!.


Kevin and his wife put out the most difficult and hilarious challenges for the cast members. After finishing their task, the couples are awarded prize money for their charity of choice. Additionally, only one pair will win the Hart of a Champion trophy.

As per E!, “The pairs will show off their teenage dance moves in a tik “talk” challenge, feed each other a messy meal with a twist, attempt to interpret what their partners are saying while their mouths are full and race through their homes to find unexpected items to solve riddles.


Well, Well, Well, save the moment for the last. Kevin Hart might look small compared to the giant, Dwyane Johnson, but he can sure make you cry with his funny ass jokes. With an impressive portfolio in his account, Hart decided to further raise his stake by producing Celebrity Game Face. He is the host and executive producer of the E! virtual. Likewise, Hart’s Hartbeat Productions and Critical Content produced the show.

The 40-year-old Kevin Hart is one of the highest-paid comedians who is even in the list of 100 most influential people. He is best known for his comedic performances in movies like Central Intelligence, Jumanji series, etc.

Watch the trailer here!

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