Cepillin Son Edad, Net Worth And Wife

Who is Roberto Guajardo? Clown Cepillin Son And Family Facts To Know

Who is Roberto Guajardo? Clown Cepillin Son And Family Facts To Know

Roberto Guajardo is the second son of Cepillin, one of the most celebrated clowns in the world. Let us get to know about his Wikipedia.

Cepillin has been recognized on Mexican TV as one of the favourite clowns, comedian, and singers for children, thanks to his charisma in front of the small screen. He recently died this Monday on March 3, 2021, his son Ricardo González confirmed to the radio program of journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Cepillin is said to have died from spinal cancer. Let us get to know one of his son.

Roberto Guajardo, Cepillin Son Wiki

Roberto Gonzalez Guajardo is the second son of Cepillin. He has not been featured on any Wikipedia page.

He is also nicknamed “Franky”.Roberto Guajardo has incorporated with his father on various TV projects. The films developed by the most famous clown in Mexico were “Miracle in the circus” in 1979, “As long as there are children there will be clowns” in 1982 and “La corneta mi general” in 1989.

In 2017 the father-sons team was nominated for a Latin Grammy for their masterpiece called ” Thanks ” Gracias. Prior to that in the year 2006, Roberto was seen on the talk show “Cepillín’s Live” with Multimedios Television.

Through the official Instagram account of the ‘Gossip no Like’ program, it was announced that the actor had to be rushed to the hospital. In the video recording, Roberto affirmed that he is with his father in the emergency area at the hospital.

Net Worth and Wife 

The net worth of Roberto Guajardo is not known. However, throughout his successful career, he must have earned a handsome amount of money.

Roberto is quite private about his life. He does not like to discuss his life in public. He might be dating, single or married about which the media is unknown.

Roberto Guajardo is seen with his brother and father on different occasions. They have an Instagram account under the username “cepillintv”.The account has bagged more than 97.4k followers and growing.



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