Cepillin Son Edad, Wife And Family Facts

Who is Cepillin’s Son Ricardo Gonzalez Jr? Everything To Know About

Who is Cepillin’s Son Ricardo Gonzalez Jr? Everything To Know About

Cepillin Son Ricardo Gonzalez Jr Edad? Everything To Know About including his Family, wife biografia, and siblings just read the full article.

Ricardo Gonzalez Jr is in the news after he has spoken about his dad and about his health condition, as Cepillin is in hospital.

Cepillin’s son claimed in front of the media that the trouble in his father’s heart stemmed from his immune system’s poor defenses as a result of cancer diagnosis and that the procedure may have harmed him.

The famous father-son duo is also seen in the Cepillintv Shows, on Instagram, and in the news.

Ricardo Gonzalez Jr: Cepillin Son Edad Wife and Family

Ricardo’s family details are not available and we don’t know if he is married and has a wife.

But we know his dad is the famous Mexican Clown Cepillin and he also has a sibling named Roberto Guajardo. He is probably not married, his mom is Aidé Guajardo de González we also don’t have information about his profession.

Facts on Ricardo Gonzalez Jr:

  1. Ricardo González Jr. said in an interview with the media outside a hospital in Ciudad Satélite, in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico, that his father would have liked to spread this knowledge, but that circumstances were not in his favor.
  2. We don’t have anything about his age, he is an adult man we can see him in his father’s show called Cepillin.
  3. Ricardo Gonzalez Jr’s dad Chepillin was a dentist who began painting his mask in order for children to be less afraid of him as he worked on their teeth. When he was filmed by a local television station, he became well-known. Cepilln translates to “small (tooth) sweep” in Spanish, “cepillo” (“de dientes”).
  4. Nothing about his children is available right now. Infact we can find him mentioned on his father’s Wikipedia page.
  5. He came to attention after he spoke about his father when Ricardo Gonzalez Sr was in hospital recently for cancer treatment.

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