Charity Bradley Height, Shawn Bradley’s Daughter Age And Instagram Bio 2019

Charity Bradley Height: How Tall is Shawn Bradley’s Daughter?

Charity Bradley Height: How Tall is Shawn Bradley’s Daughter?

Charity Bradley Height is the major concern for the volleyball fans. How Tall is Shawn Bradley’s Daughter? Let’s dig in to know.

Charity Bradley is known as the daughter of the German-American former No. 2 picks in the 1993 NBA Draft. Charity played all kinds of sports but liked basketball, soccer, and volleyball the most.

Charity plays volleyball for the Outside Hitter position with the Redshirt Junior class.

In spite of being known by her father’s name, now Charity has turned into a star and has become one of the top volleyball players in the state. Coaches used to come to her due to her height and athleticism.

Charity Bradley Height Revealed: How Tall?

Charity Bradley stands at the height of 6 feet 4 inches, according to thespectrum.

Charity is used to the questions that come from being one of the tallest kids at school. However, Shawn has a height of 7 feet 6 inches. 

How Old Is Shawn Bradley Daughter? Age Revealed

Shawn Bradley, daughter age is 22 years old as of 2021. She was born on September 24, 1998, in St. George, Utah.

However, she always celebrates her birthday on September 24. Washington State Volleyball posted a picture of her wishing her a happy birthday on a Facebook page.

Quick Facts:

Name Charity Bradley
Birthday Sepetember 24, 1998
Age 22 years
Gender Female
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Profession Player
Parents Shawn Bradley (father) and Annette Evertson (Mother)
Siblings Chance, Chase, Ciera, Cheyenna, and Chelsea Bradley
Education Desert Hills HS
Instagram charbradley08

Some Interesting Facts About Charity Bradley:

  1. Charity is active on Instagram under the account named charbradley08. She has gained over 1.5k followers on her account.
  2. She was born to her parents Shawn Bradley (father) and Annette Evertson (Mother). The couple got married in 1993.
  3. Charity is not the only child of her parents; she has also got five siblings, Chance, Chase, Ciera, Cheyenna, and Chelsea Bradley.
  4. The volleyball player net worth is still under view as of 2021. However, her major income source is from her playing career.
  5. After attending Waterford High School, a 2A private school in Sandy, Charity had her life flipped upside down, heading into her senior season.

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