Charles Cassidy Natalie Cassidy Dad Age, Wikipedia And Family: Cause Of Death

Who is Charles Cassidy? Natalie Cassidy Dad  Cause Of Death Revealed

Who is Charles Cassidy? Natalie Cassidy Dad  Cause Of Death Revealed

Charles Cassidy was Natalie Cassidy’s Dad. His death has left her with sorrow for the past three weeks. Let’s learn more.

Charles was the dad of Natalie Cassidey. Natalie is an English actress famous for her roles in EastEnders since 1993.

Charles Cassidy Natalie Cassidy Dad

Charles Cassidy, Natalie Cassidy’s dad died at the age of 83.

In fact, Charles had died three weeks ago. However, his daughter Natalie revealed his death on Saturday. Natalie shared the news of her father’s death through her Instagram account. She posted a selfie of herself with her father Charles.

Natalie said her life has changed after her father Charles’s death. Also, she described Charles as her world and is unsure about what will she do without him. Besides, she shared her thoughts that her family, friend, and profession will make it easy to comfort herself in this tough situation.

Charles’s daughter added she finds it cruel to be unable to see her father again. Natalie was born to her father in May 1983 in Islington, a district in  London, England.

What was Charles Cassidy Natalie Cassidy’s Dad Cause of Death?

Charle Cassidy’s daughter Natalie did not reveal the exact cause of the death of her father.

However, Natalie had said a year ago that her father Charles would not be around forever. She revealed through an Instagram selfie about Charles suffering an illness. Charles’s illness had given Natalie a tough and challenging period a year before.

Thus, it can be assumed that the illness dragged Charles all the way to death. 

Charles Cassidy Natalie Cassidy Dad Age & Ethnicity: Is he on Wikipedia?

Charles Cassidy’s age was 84 years old when he died.

Cassidy was born in 1937. His full name was Charles William Cassidy. However, there is not much information regarding his parents and childhood. He belonged to white ethnicity.

Charles does not have a Wikipedia bio of his own. He had his daughter Natalie join the Anna Scher Theatre in her childhood. Besides, he celebrated his daughter being the cast of EastEnders in 1993. In fact, she was given the role of Sonia Jackson in the British soap opera at the early age of 10.

Charles Cassidy Family: His Wife and Children

Charles Cassidy’s wife died when Natalie was only 19 years of age.

Cassidy reportedly did not have any relationships after his wife’s death.

Charles lived with his daughter Natalie and her partner Marc Humphreys. Also, he was a grandfather to two of Natalie’s children, Eliza and Joanie.

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