Charlie Ireland Land Agent – His Net Worth, Age And Wikipedia

Who Is Land Agent Charlie Ireland? Clarkson’s Farm Wiki And Net Worth

Who Is Land Agent Charlie Ireland? Clarkson’s Farm Wiki And Net Worth

Charlie Ireland Land Agent recently set up his appearance on Clarksons Farm. He is an Agricultural Consultant prodigy serving for more than two decades. Find out his net worth and age details.

Charlie, who served at Strutt & Parker, poured his years of experience on Clarkson’s Farm. The show just arrived on Prime Video, and there is much to see, including Jeremy Clarkson’s bond with Charlie, the land agent.

Charlie Ireland Land Agent

Land Agent Charlie Ireland appears on Clarkson’s Farm.

He is introduced as ‘Cheerful Charlie’ and is often the victim of Jeremy Clarkson’s joke. Clarkson frequently makes fun of his lack of positivity.

Charlie, the lang agent, advises Clarkson when to plant and harvest crops. Moreover, Charlie teaches him how to budget for the farming year.

In the show, the land agent accused Clarkson of deteriorating the soil while creating a conservation area on a piece of land. Besides, he questioned Jeremy’s wife, Lisa Hogan’s pricing at the Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

Charlie went on, revealing how much the presenter made in a year. And the sum came in the range of £100.

Jeremy mentioned that he empathized with the farmers’ struggles.

Charlie Ireland Net Worth

Charlie Ireland has not revealed the exact figure of his net worth.

But he might have bagged over millions through his professional career as an Agricultural Consultant.

Charlie, the land agent, has served as an Agricultural Consultant for more than 20 years at Strutt & Parker. He joined the company in August 2000 and retired from his job in March 2021.

Charlie Ireland Age

Charlie’s real age is off the public eye.

He had not revealed the facts about when and where he was born.

But looking at his appearances, Charlie might be somewhere in his 50s.

Besides, there are no records of his family and biography.

Is He On Wikipedia?

Charlie Ireland is not on Wikipedia.

But he has earned some webspace since he appeared on Clarkson’s Farm this year.

He holds British nationality.

Charlie attended the University of Nottingham, where he studied Agriculture from 1996 to 1999.

As per his LinkedIn profile, he has the skills and endorsements of Sustainable agriculture, Agribusiness, and Real Estate Development.

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