Charmaine Roman Where Is she Now: Wikipedia Husband And Family

Where Is Charmaine Roman Now 2021? Details To Know About Her

Where Is Charmaine Roman Now 2021? Details To Know About Her

Where is Charmaine Roman now? As of 2021 she is under police custody.

Roman might be one of the biggest female gangsters in American history. Originally from Jamaica, she secretly led a multi-million drug chain. Eventually, she had to pay for all of her crimes.

Charmaine Roman Update: Where Is She Now 2021?

Charmine Roman is under ICE custody now as of 2021.

Charmaine is a former drug lord from Florida. She was the leader of the violent Mrijauna trafficking Group based in Jamaica. In 2013, the police arrested her with over 3,200 pounds of marijuana, $200,000 cash, and 15 guns.

While further investigation, the police found that Roman had laundered around $3 million at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. In addition, she was apparently illegally staying in the USA for over 20 years.

During her hearing, the judge quoted Charmine as “a great risk to be allowed out of jail.” Eventually, she was put in jail.

On the other hand, the latest reports suggest that the federal judge is yet to decide if Charmine Roman gets deported back to Jamaica.

Discover Charmaine Roman on Wikipedia

Charmaine Roman is not on the Wikipedia website yet.

The druglord was living with multiple identities. As a fact, police discovered multiple passports, birth certificates, credit cards, and social security numbers in her house.

Charmaine Roman is the age of 48 years old as of 2021. During her prime time, she used to ride expensive land rovers and live in lavish condos. However, she has lost all her benefits now.

Her Husband and Family Details

Charmine Roman has not disclosed about her husband yet.

Nevertheless, Roman was extremely close to her family. As a fact, Charmine Roman provided a very comfortable life to her children and grandchildren. However, the members were reportedly unaware of her illegal activities.

Charmine Roman’s family did appear in a documentary.

Both of her daughters were a teenager at the time of her arrest. In 2020, the daughters came forward in the documentary “American Gangster: Trap Queen” to speak their side of the story.

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