Chase Hudson And Nessa Barrett Drama Explained

TikTok: Chase Hudson And Nessa Barrett Drama Explained

TikTok: Chase Hudson And Nessa Barrett Drama Explained

Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson and Nessa Barrett are a love TikTok star love triangle that has created a lot of drama over the recent days. Although TikTok is no stranger to drama, this time the debacle has escalated into the global spotlight.

It all started back when Chase was accused of cheating on his girlfriend Charli D’Amelio the drama doesn’t stop there though as a lot of TikTok celebrities got involved, read more to know about the scandal

Chase Hudson And Nessa Barrett Drama Explained

On July 6th, 2020 the TikTok account TikTokRoom started posting proof that many other popular creators like Quinton Griggs, Jaden Hossler, Josh Richards on the platform had unfollowed Chase Hudson and his friend Nick Austin. 

Jaden went on Twitter and addressed the unfollowing issue head-on and sad that he just did not want to see any fake faces.


Both Hudson and Austin are members of Hype House, in fact, the drama all unfolded within the TikTok mansion. Hype House is a TikTok group with over 17.2 Million followers and 470.4 million likes on the video-sharing platform. 

What Happened Between Charli And Chase?

Chase and Charli were one of the most beloved young couples on social media. But it all went south when Chase reportedly cheated on Charli and kissed a girl who was one of his friend’s exes.  

The girl in question is Nessa Barrett, she was the girlfriend of another one of their mutual friends and TikTok creator Josh Richards. 

Nessa confirmed that she and Chase had kissed but nothing more happened after that. She exclusively revealed that Chase had kissed her to People. 

She went on to add in the interview that the kiss meant nothing for both of them and, they immediately stopped. 

Jaden Hossler also had a falling out with Chase Huudsin but they have resolved it and even gone on twitter to show that they are once again friends. 


Were Chase And Charli Single When He Kissed Nessa?

Chase posted a Tweet on which he said, all the drama was going on because he kissed Nessa when he was single. Essentially he claimed that he was single but Charli was quick to ut down his false claim with a reply. 

She Tweeted out a savage reply telling him, if they were single then why did he come over to her house without telling her about Nessa.

In all the drama, Nessa has not spoken much, she did, however, tell fans that she was receiving a lot of hate and she would tell them her part of the story once things died down. 

in the same statement, she was quick to note that there are more important things going on in the world right now like the Coronaavirus pandemic.

Charli Apologized To Nessa And Chase For her Overreaction

After taking her boyfriend down on Twitter, with the reply (both of which has since been deleted), Charli said to her fans that her reaction was immature. 

The TikTok star also gave a full statement o which she said that she caused a lot of hate for her ex. During an Instagram live session, Charli apologized to both Nessa and Chase. 

She also reasoned that she was angry and hurt, which caused her to act irrationally. 

D’Amelio further added that she and Chase had a long talk as they realized they were not right for each other. 

Chase Hudson Exposed His Friends For Cheating

During the drama, Hudson took to Twitter and said that he was being judged by the internet and his former friends but they had also been cheating on their partners.

He ‘exposed’ everyone including Nessa’s boyfriend Josh, saying that he cheated on her an endless amount of times.  

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