Cheryl Hakeney Wikipedia Age, Zara Holland Mum Net Worth And Instagram

Cheryl Hakeney Wikipedia Age: Meet Zara Holland Mum On Instagram

Cheryl Hakeney Wikipedia Age: Meet Zara Holland Mum On Instagram

Cheryl Hakeney is famous as  Zara Holland Mum but she is not on Wikipedia yet. Let us get to know her as she and her daughter share the same beauty crown.

Cheryl is a businesswoman and a model. Besides, she is also recognized as the mum of Zara Holland.

Cheryl Hakeney Wikipedia

Cheryl Hakeney is yet to have a Wikipedia bio of her own.

Notably, Hakeney is a model and an entrepreneur.

Besides, she features as an antique expert on ITV’s Dickinsons Real Deal. The show has been airing since November 2006. The English antiques expert David Dickinson presents the show.

In addition, Cheryl is the director of Mimi Boutique Limited which is based in England. In fact, she teamed with her daughter Zara to run the business.

As a matter of fact, they founded the boutique in 2009. The first outlet was opened in Hessle, East Yorkshire. They currently have two boutiques.

Interestingly, Cheryl is a former beauty pageant winner too. To point out, she was crowned Miss Hull in 1984. 

Cheryl Hakeney Age

About Cheryl Hakeney’s age, she is 56 years old.

In fact, Hakeney looks charming and beautiful despite her old age. She can compete with her daughter Zara for looks even though the two are 30 years apart.

Also, Cheryl had earned Miss Hull when she was 19 years of age.

Cheryl Hakeney: Zara Holland’s Mum

Cheryl Hakeney is Zara Holland’s mum.

Zara is a former Miss Great Britain. Besides, she is famous for appearing in the reality show Love Island that airs on ITV2. 

However, Cheryl’s daughter was stripped of the Miss GB title. The reason for the controversial move appeared to be her sexual relations with a contest in Love Island

Cheryl and her daughter run their boutique business together. Furthermore, Zara was also crowned Miss Hull in 2015. 

Cheryl Hakeney Net Worth

There is no information regarding Cheryl’s net worth.

She has been running her boutique business for over a decade. Thus we can expect her to have earned a pretty good fortune.

Meet Cheryl Hakeney on Instagram

There are many accounts with Cheryl’s name on Instagram. 

@cherylhakeneyclark seems to be her real account among all. However, the account is private with 197 followers.

Besides, she is also on Twitter as @Cheryl_Hakeney.

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