Cheyenna Clearbrook Deaf U: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram

Cheyenna Clearbrook: Facts on Deaf U Cast

Cheyenna Clearbrook: Facts on Deaf U Cast

The new docuseries, Deaf U is all set to be premiered on Netflix and Cheyenna Clearbrook is among the most popular cast of the series. She is already a social media influencer and YouTuber. The beauty sensation is a perfect example of someone who is stand out despite being disabled as she is deaf. 

Moreover, Deaf U is the new docuseries of Netflix. The show is set among the deaf or hard for hearing students of the Univesity in Washington DC, Gallaudet University. The series goes pretty deep into the deaf culture and the highs and lows deaf people have to face during the course of study. A stunningly presented series with equally awareness message has received excellent reviews already. Here are a few facts to know about the most famous cast, Cheyenna Clearbrook.

Name Cheyenna Clearbrook
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Social media influencer
Married/Single Single
Instagram @cheyennaclearbrook

10 Facts on Cheyenna Clearbrook

  1. Cheyenna Clearbrook is an American social media influencer and Youtuber. 
  2. She is featured in the latest Netflix docuseries, Deaf U. The Instagram star has a problem in hearing. 
  3. Moreover, she looks quite young in age. Her exact age is yet to be known. 
  4. Also, Cheyenna has an excellent height and perfectly maintained. She is very pretty as well. 
  5. The Youtuber doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend though. She does have an attitude of self-love and self-respect. 
  6. She is very popular on Instagram as she already has more than 24k followers. You’d only guess they will increase with time. 
  7. Besides, Cheyenna is also a standout deaf YouTuber. She has gathered thousands of subscribers on Youtube as well. 
  8. Moreover, she is from Seattle, Washington. 
  9. Despite her increasing popularity, the beauty and fashion blogger is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. 
  10. Likewise, her net worth is also not available at the moment. The numbers will certainly increase as she is among the cast of the Netflix docuseries, Deaf U. 

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