Chicago Jontae Adams Daughter Cause Of Death

Who Is Jaslyn Adams? Jontae Adams Daughter Cause Of Death, How Did She Die?

Who Is Jaslyn Adams? Jontae Adams Daughter Cause Of Death, How Did She Die?

7-years-old Jaslyn Adams was shot dead at McDonald’s drive-thru. The father of the little girl, Jontae Adams was also injured. 

Jaslyn Adams was a 7-year-old little girl who had a really bright personality.

Her relatives say that she loved dancing, making TikTok videos, and McDonald’s. 

She was at a McDonald’s drive-thru when the shooting took place and took her life.

Jaslyn Adams: Chicago Shooting

Jaslyn Adams was shot dead inside her car at McDonald’s drive-thru in Chicago Homan Square Neighbourhood on April 18 in the late afternoon. 

The police reported that the wounded were taken to Stoger hospital at 4:15-4:30 pm, where the little girl was later pronounced dead.

There were around 40 bullet marks all over the Infinity Sedan car that Jontae owned. A woman had screamed that a baby had gotten shot as the police worked in the area.

Jontae Adams Daughter Cause Of Death

Jaslyn Adams had been shot at least 6 times being the cause of her death.

Meanwhile her father, Jontae was shot in the torso. 

Jaslyn and Jontae were a pair of father and daughter who were caught up in the shooting. 

The little girl passed away after sustaining multiple injuries while her father was treated and is reported to be fine now. 

From what we know so far, Jaslyn lived with her mother and had 3 other siblings and would occasionally go out with her father. 

Grandmother of the little girl, Lawanda McMullen revealed that her son, Jontae had called her frantically, stating that they had shot his baby. 

Now the aunt of Jaslyn, Twany McMullen said that her own 8 years old refuses to go out, fearing they would get shot. 

Furthermore, the grieving family sad that little Jaslyn would affectionately be called “Pinky” due to pink being her favorite color.

Her Shooting Suspect 

There has been no suspect so far. Hence, no one has been arrested yet.

The police suspect that it was related to a gang and the shooters may not have to know the Adams personally.

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