Chloe Bailey Busting Challenge Explained

White Robe Buss It Video On Twitter: Chloe Bailey Busting Challenge Explained

White Robe Buss It Video On Twitter: Chloe Bailey Busting Challenge Explained

White robe “buss it” challenge video on Twitter has pretty much broken the internet. Also, Chloe Bailey’s black robe video is among the ones that make the top five list of “Buss It” challenge videos. In this article, we will be explaining the white robe “buss it” video along with the Chloe Bailey Busting challenge. 

White Robe Buss It Video On Twitter Explained:

Slim Santana has presented a viral content, white robe buss it video on Twitter. The video was created on Tiktok however, Santana uploaded it on Twitter as she would be banned if she had uploaded the sexual content on Tiktok.

Well, the video is quite sensitive and Twitter has cautioned people before viewing this video. In the video, Slim Santana is seen wearing a white robe, and as soon as the beat changes, she is found having intercourse with a man. 

Many people are seen talking about the viral video on Youtube and Twitter in recent days. Some of them have even said that she has won the challenge and that nobody can ever go that far for a challenge. 

Chloe Bailey Busting Challenge Explained:

On the other hand, Chloe Bailey can be regarded as one tough competitor of the buss it challenge queen, Slim Santana. 

As per Buzz Feed, The 22-year-old singer of Chloe X Halle took part in the “Buss It Challenge” and we must say that she nailed it. Basically, Chloe appeared on the video in a colorful bonnet, and her body completely covered in a black and gold robe. As the beat drops, Chloe goes through an outfit transition displaying her body and mainly right cheek. She wore a black bralette and a black skirt with high sexy slit later on after the transition.

What Exactly Is Buss It Challenge? Meaning Explained:

Discussing the challenge, it originated with the song Buss It by Erika Bunk and went viral on Tiktok.

Some random Tiktokers started the challenge and now many celebrities are following the trend where all you have to do is change your attire after the beat changes and twerk with the beat. It’s a fun challenge and you can try it out as well.


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