Chris Kirubi Wife Photos, Daughter & Net Worth

Was Chris Kirubi Ever Married? His Wife And Daughter

Was Chris Kirubi Ever Married? His Wife And Daughter

Chris Kirubi and his wife separated two decades back but he never revealed his wife photos. Now he is laid to rest following his death. Let us know his cause of death.

Chris was a businessman, entrepreneur, and industrialist. He died on July 14, 2021, at the age of 80.

Chris Kirubi Wife Photos

Chris Kirubi wife divorced him in 1999.

Kirubi did not have a wife ever since. The businessman had remained single for over 21 years since separating from his previous wife.

However, there is not much information regarding his wife. Also, Kirubi has not revealed her basic details, even her name.

Chris Kirubi’s wife’s photos also have not been released to the public.

In fact, Kirubi never wanted to talk about his wife. Notably, he had said his marriage life felt like enslavement. He revealed he felt like he was in jail with his wife.

In addition, Chris had warned the youths to be careful about marriage. He called anyone who marries a wife needs to be ready to be her slave for his entire life.

No doubt, Kirubi must have had some bitter experiences with his wife. His married life did not turn out to be as he expected. So, he had urged everyone to be careful before marrying anyone.

Chris Kirubi’s Daughter Mary-Ann Musangi

Chris Kirubi daughter is Mary-Ann Musangi.

Musangi was born in 1971 in Kenya. She is also a businesswoman and entrepreneur like her father. Actually, she lives in Nairobi, which is the capital of Kenya.

Interestingly, Mary had called her mother, Kirubi’s wife, a lovely and very hard-working lady. Besides, she also has huge respect and admiration for her father and mentor.

Musangi is a married woman. Her husband, Andrew Mukite Musangi, is an attorney. Furthermore, she has three children with her husband.

Chris Kirubi Death Cause

Chris Kirubi’s death cause was cancer.

In fact, Kirubi has been battling cancer for a long time. Eventually, he lost the battle causing his death on June 14. 

Kirubi died at the age of 80. No doubt, he is an inspiration for millions of people who aim to succeed in their lives.

His Net Worth

Chris had a net worth of around $300 million. 

In fact, he was in the 31st position among the top 40 richest persons in Africa.

He was the single largest investor in the company Centum Investment Company.

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