Chrissy Rasmussen aka HairBy Chrissy Tiktok: Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Who is Chrissy Rasmussen? Facts on Hair By Chrissy Tiktok Meme

Who is Chrissy Rasmussen? Facts on Hair By Chrissy Tiktok Meme

Chrissy Rasmussen a.k.a. HairByChrissy gained huge public attention recently in October 2020. She is a hairstylist and salon owner from Arizona, the United States. She is facing backlash on the internet for not following mask rules.

Chrissy has shared videos of her salon in which hairstylists and her clients can be seen without hearing masks on her TikTok page. Those videos earned her backlash from the internet. Well, she has become a TikTok meme too.

Name Chrissy Rasmussen
Birthday August 19, 1976
Age 44 years old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Hair Stylist
Instagram hairby_chrissy
Tiktok chrissyrasmussen
Youtube Hairby_Chrissy

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10 Facts on Chrissy Rasmussen

  1. Chrissy Rasmussen is a hairstylist and salon owner from the United States. She owns a hair salon, Habit Salon in California, the US.
  2. In October 2020, Chrissy Rasmussen faced backlash for her TikTok videos in which her hairstylists and clients are spotted without masks inside her salon.
  3. This pretty lady is very famous on social media Instagram. You can find her on Instagram as @hairby_chrissy. Her Instagram page has 885k followers.
  4. She is now living in Arizona, the United States. Her nationality is American.
  5. Chrissy Rasmussen was born in the year 1976 and she celebrates her birthday on the 19th of August. She is now 44 years of age.
  6. Her sun sign is Leo.
  7. Chriss Rasmussen does not have a Wikipedia bio. But, you can find her on
  8. The detail about her love life is not mentioned in her Famous Birthdays bio. Also, it is not known if Chrissy is a married woman or not.
  9. The average annual earning of a hairstylist in the United States is around $43 thousand. Chrissy is also a hair salon owner. She must have good earnings.
  10. She is also a YouTuber. She has 49.9K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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