Christian Emmanuel Sanon Wikipedia Biographie And Net Worth

Was Christian Emmanuel Sanon Arrested? Moise’s Suspect Is A Florida Doctor

Was Christian Emmanuel Sanon Arrested? Moise’s Suspect Is A Florida Doctor

Was Christian Emmanuel Sanon arrested? He is the mastermind behind Former Haiti president Moise’s Murder. See his Wikipedia bio and net worth.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon describes himself as a doctor who currently dwells in Florida. He is a suspect in the President Moise murder case, according to the Guardian.

In March 1999, he became the president of the organization Rome Haiti. He turned bankrupt in 2013 in Tampa, Florida and he lost his house to foreclosure with debt totaling over $400,000.

Nevertheless, Police discovered gun parts, bullets, and the logo of the US Drug Enforcement Administration at Sanon’s house in Haiti. This is strong evidence for the police to keep him on the radar as prime suspect. 

Police Arrested Christian Emmanuel Sanon

Christian has been arrested by Haitian police as he is a suspect in president Moise’s murder. 

Some source claims that he planned all this to take over the presidential post. It’s not confirmed yet. Prosecutors are investigating the case.

Not much is known about his wife or partner details now. We will let you know once the missing information is available online. The former minister Christian is highly active on Twitter. He has about 77 followers on this platform.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon Wikipedia Biography

Christian Emmanuel Sanon’s name is yet to feature on Wikipedia. However, we can find his biography on online sites.

Coming to his age, Christian is 63 years of age as of 2021 reported by Conan Daily. Sadly, his actual date of birth is under wraps at the time of this writing. 

Nonetheless, his nationality is Haitian as he is a native of Haiti. Likewise, his ethnicity is probably mixed. We don’t have enough details about Sanon’s religion at the moment.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon Net Worth 2021

Speaking about his net worth, Christian’s actual net worth is off the radar now. 

As per Miami Herald, before his bankruptcy, Christian was making a salary of $60,000 and had debts totaling more than $400,000. To clear the debt, he had to sell his property in Brandon, near Tampa.

Additionally, Christian is a family man. He has a supportive and children living in Haiti. Whatsoever, he is the third person of Haitian origin Linked with Florida to be arrested reported by the Herald.

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