Christine Weston Chandler Mugshot And Arrest

Was Christine Weston Chandler Arrested? Chris Chan Mugshot Going Viral On Reddit

Was Christine Weston Chandler Arrested? Chris Chan Mugshot Going Viral On Reddit

Christine Weston Chandler mugshots are circulated all over Reddit and social media. Was Christine Weston Chandler arrested?

Christine Weston Chandler, commonly known as Chris Chan, is a 39-year-old White female YouTuber. She is also known as Sonichu, the transgender webcomic content creator.

Chan was initially identified as a male but went onto discover her identity as a transgender woman. The internet personality was taken into custody following a leaked confession of elder abuse and a non-consensual love quest.

Christine Weston Chandler Mugshot Explored

Christine Weston Chandler’s mugshot shows her wearing a white shirt. Her mugshot attached with the arrest record is similar to the one seen in the footage. 

YouTuber Ethan Ralph filmed and streamed life, where we can see Chan being handcuffed and escorted by police into a vehicle. 

Christine Weston Chandler Arrest: Was She Arrested? 

Christine Weston Chandler, aka Chris Chan, was arrested in Richmond, Virginia.

It has been confirmed with the Henrico county jail that she’s been charged on one count of Incest.

Incest is a crime in Virginia, as is elder abuse, sexual assault, and rape. She allegedly withdrew $750 from her mother, Barbara’s account, which may have violated the EPA.

Chan was spotted being handcuffed and taken into custody by Greene County Police on 1st August 2021.

Some leaked audio and text messages allegedly between Chris Chan and an unidentified third-party source revealed that she was having an incestuous relationship with her mother, Barbara Chandler. 

Police also served Chandler with an emergency protective order prohibiting contacting her elderly mother or entering the premises until 5th August.

Police took charge and were seen holding Chan at the Regency Inn at 1500 Eastridge Road.

This is not the first time Chan has landed in hot water with law enforcement. He was also arrested for vandalism, trespass, and assault at a GameStop employee in Charlottesville.

Chris Chan Viral On Reddit

Chris Chan is viral on Reddit after she was filmed being arrested.

Reddit, along with other social media, is still stirring with the deplorable behavior she has been accused of.

A portal called KiwiFarms leaked her 9-minute audio along with a screenshot of text messages from Chan, where she talked about pleasing ‘Barb’ by rubbing her ‘g-spot.’ Basically, ‘Barb’ is reportedly a nickname for her mother.

Reddit users are quite offended for what she has been accused of.

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