Christopher Walls Long Branch Officer Age Wife Family: Was He Arrested?

Who Is Christopher Walls? What Did He Do? Details Inside

Who Is Christopher Walls? What Did He Do? Details Inside

Who Is Christopher Walls? What Did The Long Branch Officer Do? We have gathered all the public details on the matter. You can read it below.

Christopher was a veteran police officer.

According to the recent news surfaced on the internet and all across mainstream media, he had been apprehended for illegal activities. His case is also publicly known as New Jersey’s Breaking Bad.

Christopher Walls: Long Branch Officer

Christopher Walls was a veteran police officer who had served in Long Branch, New Jersey, for over 19 long years.

His birth information is exactly not public yet, but our team is still working on it. However, according to New York’s CBS Local reports, Walls is 50 years of age as of this date in 2021. Currently, his personal life and background are unknown as well. Thus, information on his wife, children, and family is still unavailable on the internet.

On Saturday night, one of the Walls neighbors reported a domestic disturbance on Christopher Walls’ home.

However, after investigators arrived at the scene, apparently another resident reportedly tipped the officers about Walls’ illegal activities in the basement.

Was He Arrested?

Yes, Christopher Walls was arrested on the spot at his home. According to the reports, the officers found evidence of a meth lab inside the basement and shed of Christopher Walls.

On May 16, 2021, Walls has been apprehended and brought into Long Branch custody.

According to Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni’s announcement, Walls is charged with many offenses.

He is charged for the first-degree operation of CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substances). He is also charged with a second-degree offense for possession of a firearm during the CDS operation, conscious risk of widespread injury, and endangering the welfare of a child.

And a third-degree offense for manufacturing and possessing methamphetamine.

Upon learning of such offenses, veteran officer Christopher Walls was immediately suspended from Police Department without pay.

For his serious offenses, it is reported that Walls may be seeing up to 20 years of prison. You can learn more details on it on MCponj.

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