Claire Throssell Husband Wikipedia And Documentary: Where Is She Now?

Who Is Claire Throssell? What Happened To Her Sons?

Who Is Claire Throssell? What Happened To Her Sons?

Claire Throssell husband took away the lives of her sons after abusing her for years. Let us learn in detail.

Claire is a Campaigner and Public Speaker. Her two sons were burnt to death by her husband in 2014.

Claire Throssell Husband: What Happened To Her Sons?

Darren Sykes was Claire Throssell’s husband.

Claire and her husband Darren met in the mid-90s. The couple was married for 16 years when Darren killed himself in 2014.

Darren and Claire had a good married life for some time. In fact, Throssel’s husband used to provide her gifts showing love and care.

However, the relationship could not sustain well for a long time. Notably, Darren changed his attitude and behavior towards her as soon as she was pregnant. Similarly, he started mocking her for her weight.

To point out, Throssel’s husband started abusing and hurting her and her children after they were born. Moreover, her kids did not even trust their father at a point.

Eventually, all these behaviors of her husband led Claire to file a divorce in 2014. The two separated, and the kids were with Claire. They had stated their father to be physically and emotionally abusive.

However, they visited him each week.

Things got scary on the 22nd of October 2014. Claire’s sons were playing in the attic of Darren’s house. Suddenly, her husband set the house on fire by blocking the doors.

Both Claire’s sons and her ex-husband died of the fire.

Claire Wikipedia: Where Is She Now?

Claire Throssell’s Wikipedia bio is not available.

Throssell has been fighting for her sons until today. She has reached 48 years of age at the moment. Her sons Jack and Paul were 12 and 9 respectively when they were killed.

She is working with Women’s Aid, a charitable organization. With them, Claire makes campaigns for changing the law regarding the safety of children in custody arrangements.

Also, Throssell has worked with the Independent Domestic Abuse Services. The organization provides assists to those suffering domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Interestingly, Claire was awarded MBE for her tireless work on behalf of children facing domestic abuse. She earned highly reputed recognition in December 2014.

Claire Throssell Documentary

Claire Throssell was featured in the documentary Evil Lives Here: To Infinity and Back.

There she talks about her relationship with her ex-husband.

Episode 8 of season 9 of the show aired on the 16th of May, 2021, on Investigation Discovery.

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