Clarisse Mouratoglou Age – Patrick Mouratoglou Wife And Family

Clarisse Mouratoglou Age And Family, Meet Patrick Mouratoglou Wife

Clarisse Mouratoglou Age And Family, Meet Patrick Mouratoglou Wife

What is Clarisse Mouratoglou age? Her age is 48 and still energetic. You might want to know about Patrick Mouratoglou wife and family.

Clarisse is an interior designer. She continued to work in her husband’s company despite their split.

At the moment, we are unsure if she still works at PM Management Consulting. However, she used to travel the world with her former husband.

Clarisse Mouratoglou Age 

Clarisse Mouratoglou age is 48 years old.

According to a 2013 article by Daily Mail, she was 40 years back then. However, the site has not mentioned his birthday.

When she divorced Patrick, he was 43 while she was 40. Well, their age gap isn’t huge – just three years.

Like her former partner, Clarisse is of French nationality. However, we have no idea about her ethnicity.

Moving on, she doesn’t have Wikipedia under her name. Also, her bio has not been presented on Patrick’s Wikipedia.

Patrick Mouratoglou Former Wife

Clarisse Mouratoglou is in the headlines as Patrick Mouratoglou’s former wife.

She was his second wife, and they were together for eight years.

After their divorce, Patrick got married to Ada Obilu.

However, Ada was not the reason behind their split. Reportedly, Patrick was having an affair with the tennis sensation, Serena Williams.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long. Serena is now married to Alexis Ohanian.

Clarisse and Patrick’s married life produced two children – Charlotte and Juliette.

The news of her husband’s affair had devastated her. Now, she is probably living a happier life after moving on from her broken marriage.

Furthermore, she wasn’t comfortable speaking about the situation. Finally, however, she asked the journalists to interview Serena about her relationship.

Her Family Life Explored

Clarisse Mouratoglou hasn’t been open about her family.

Currently, we have no clue about her parents and siblings. After her divorce, she moved out of her former husband’s home.

However, Patrick still lived there as per the recording of their neighbors. In addition, the couples used to own several properties.

Probably, they split them after their unsuccessful marriage. Thus, we believe Clarisse’s net worth is more than just a million.

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