Cleetus Mcfarland Girlfriend And Net Worth: Who is YouTuber Dating?

Who is YouTuber Cleetus Mcfarland Dating? Meet HIs Girlfriend On Instagram

Who is YouTuber Cleetus Mcfarland Dating? Meet HIs Girlfriend On Instagram

Who is Cleetus Mcfarland girlfriend? The Youtuber with 2.61M subscribers has already dated two girlfriends in his list. Get to know her details on her net worth below. 

Cleetus videos specialize in automotive content.

He is famously known by his online alias Cleetus McFarland, and his real name is Garret Mitchell.

Cleetus Mcfarland Girlfriend 

Cleetus Mcfarland’s current girlfriend’s name is Madi.

Her real name is Madison Lutz.

She is the owner of Sunna Swim, which is a swimwear store. 

Moreover, he previously dated makeup and lifestyle vlogger Kayla Caputo

She is the mother of two beautiful golden retriever dogs, Skiff, and Holley. Madi has created an Instagram account on their names, and her dogs have successfully gathered a huge number of followers on Instagram.

Follow Skiff and Holley to check photos of their activity and cheerful smile. 

Madi has also announced through their doggies Instagram account that she is getting married to her beau Cleetus Mcfarland. He is a huge Youtube sensation and hails from Omaha, Nebraska.

Most of his Youtube videos are specialized in automotive content. Cleetus’s grandmother has also been featured in his videos, and his finance Madi has also seen in his video and their babies Skiff and Holley.  

Mcfarland has also featured Youtube star Matt Carriker in an Instagram post, announcing their video collaboration in his account in January 2021. 

The 26-year Cleetus is also a full-time student in Law School out of Tampa, Florida. 

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

There is no information regarding Madi’s net worth.

However, we know she is an established entrepreneur and is already an owner of a swimwear brand, which shows she has a good net worth. 

She lives a comfortable life and has done plenty of luxurious outings, explaining she has a colossal fortune. 

Is He On Wikipedia?

Cleetus is not on Wikipedia.

But he is active on Instagram as @garrett_1320video.

Similarly, his girlfriend Madi is available on Instagram with over 72.5k followers.

Moreover, the announcement of Cleetus proposing Madi is available on her Instagram account. She has mentioned, “As if this weekend couldn’t get any better!! I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! I love you so much!”

The couple has also shared beautiful pictures of one another in their respective Instagram account.

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