CNN Faith Keplinger Cancer & Death

CNN Faith Keplinger Cancer & Death – Who Was Faith Keplinger?

CNN Faith Keplinger Cancer & Death – Who Was Faith Keplinger?

CNN Faith Keplinger cancer battle ended with her death. She had been fighting the disease for a while now. 

Keplinger was a multitalented singer and writer. She was a college graduate and former employee of CNN and Anderson Cooper. Sadly, she recently lost her life to cancer. 

CNN Faith Keplinger Obituary- Cancer & Death

Faith Keplinger was a CNN writer.

Back in Feb 2021, the doctors diagnosed Keplinger with very rare appendix cancer. She had first started getting symptoms in July 2020. Sadly, Faith Kelinger died in June 2021.

Faith Keplinger obituary states her cause of death as cancer.

Her passing away was first announced by her good friend, Blake Rainey. He wrote a very heart-touching message on Facebook post and called her a “beautiful soul”.

Blake was also Faith’s music partner. They worked together on the album together named Asleep in the Well, which is also available on Spotify. 

Who Was Faith Keplinger?

Faith Keplinger a writer, musician and singer. 

She is credited as the main person behind CNN’s “The Ridicuist”. Similarly, she also held a very close bond with host Anderson Cooper.

In fact, it was Cooper who first made her cancer news public on live TV. On one of his episodes of the Anderson Cooper 360 show, he event sent love to Faith when she was battling with her illness. 

Furthermore, many fans and family have also come forward to pay tribute to the late reporter. 

Her Family and Husband Update

Faith Keplinger husband has not given an official statement yet.

It is difficult for any person to lose their loved ones. Faith’s friend and family might be going through the same situation right now. Nevertheless, there are no reports if she was married to anyone.

Faith Keplinger grew up with her family in Atlanta.

She had later moved to New York to pursue her music career. Likewise, she released her debut album with David Barbe in 2002. Furthermore, her last studio album was Boulevards (2008).

Faith Keplinger doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

We send our thoughts and prayers to her relatives and friends. Rest In Peace to a beautiful soul. Thank You

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