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Kelly Pugnea Age: 10 Facts On Coach Lute Olson Wife

Kelly Pugnea Age: 10 Facts On Coach Lute Olson Wife

Kelly Pugnea is commonly known to the public as a third wife of late Lute Olson who died at the age of 85. Kelly got recognized as the wife of the late American Basketball coach.2010 was the year when Kelly Pugnea got married to the coach when she was at the age of 47. Kelly’s father in law had died due to stroke in his late forties.

Name Kelly Pugnea
Age 58 years
Gender Female
Height 5 feet and 6 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Married/Single Married
Husband Lute Olson
Children 2

Lute Olson was born on September 22, 1934, and his birthplace is Mayville which is in North Dakota. The total net worth accumulated by Lute Olson is still unavailable but it seems to be around over $1 Million looking at his designation. The basketball coach was born on September 22, 1934, and has received a lot of awards and honors.

10 Facts on Kelly Pugnea

  1. Kelly Pugnea is the wife of the late basketball coach born in the year 1973.
  2. Pugnea lived together with Lute for only 10 years and they spent a happy life together.
  3. On October 2, 2008, the internet went crazy regarding the marriage of Lute Olson.
  4. Before marrying Lute, Kelly Pugnea was the mother of two boys and used to reside in Tucson which is in Arizona.
  5. The late Basketball coach was just 74 years old when he got married to Kelly.
  6. Before marrying Kelly, Olson had married Christine Toretti in 2003 and Roberto Russell in 1953.
  7. Olson had spent only 8 years with Roberta,5 years with Christine, and over 10 years with Kelly.
  8. The late Lute Olson had 5 children from three wives and they are Greg, Jodi, Steve, Vicki, and Christi Olson.
  9. Kelly’s husband Olson was admitted to hospice care as he suffered from a stroke and August 27 happened to be a dark day as he passed away.
  10. The Coach’s wife Kelly is in her late 50s as of August 2020.

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