Colbystired Tiktok, Age, Height, Bio, Instagram: How Old/Tall?

Colbystired Tiktok, Age, Height, Bio, Instagram: How Old/Tall?

Colbystired Tiktok, Age, Height, Bio, Instagram: How Old/Tall?

Colby Mcdaniel, better known on the internet as colbystired, is a TikTok content creator from the USA. His TikTok about the Christmas season approaching became viral last year and gained 484.k views.

Along with TikTok Colby is also active on Instagram where he posts pictures of him and his friends.

Name Colbystired
Birthday October 9, 2002
Age 18
Gender Male
Nationality American
Instagram @colbymcd
Tiktok @colbystired

10 Facts about Colbystired

  1. Colby recently turned 18 on the 9th of October 2020. He let this information be public by posting a photo on Instagram and captioning it “18 and for what”.
  2. Even though now it is public knowledge that he is 18, his birthplace and parents are still unknown to the general public.
  3. Colby’s height and weight measurements are also something that has little to no information, but by the looks of his pictures on Instagram, he looks taller than the average American. 
  4. Colby belongs to the white ethnicity. Details on his relationship status are something that is not revealed. His girlfriend is not known.
  5. On TikTok his account @colbystired has 10k followers with 702 followings, he has over1.9 million likes with just 22 posts which is mind-blowing.
  6. Colby’s Instagram is not as famous as his TikTok, on his account @colbymcd he has 1070 followers with 972 following and 22 posts.
  7. In a recent TikTok of his, Colby stated that he is a current worker at Starbucks.
  8. Colby is also a huge fan of the boy band One Direction as he had posted a video about how excited he was for the band celebrating their 10 year anniversary on July 22, 2020.
  9. Colby is a current college student but his subject choice and college are things that haven’t been disclosed as of yet.
  10. He has been very active on TikTok recently following the ongoing US presidential elections and has been posting videos on it frequently.

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