Colin Jamieson American Idol Age, Parents And Instagram Bio

Who is Colin Jamieson American Idol? Age And Facts To Know

Who is Colin Jamieson American Idol? Age And Facts To Know

Colin Jamieson American Idol Age: How old is he? Read until the end to find out.

Recently, Colin Jamieson American Idol delivered a great performance in the auditions.

Colin is a professional pop singer who has impressed all the three judges of the show – Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. Apart from his amazing singing capabilities, American Idol lovers also loved his personality.

In fact, even Katy looked quite impressed when he winked at the camera. Although Colin believed that he hadn’t performed his best, he received all three yeses. Surely, this is going to boost up his confidence for the next round.

Colin Jamieson Age Revealed

Colin Jamieson age is 22 years old. The young pop star hasn’t revealed his birthday, though.

During his auditions, the young talent didn’t showcase his singing abilities, but he showed the world that he is a great pianist! The musician sang Six Feet Under by Billie Eilish. According to him, his falsetto wasn’t at the point he wanted to be, but he is definitely happy to be going to the next round.

Quick Facts:

Name Colin Jamieson
Age 22 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Singer, Musician, Producer
Instagram @colinjamieson
Twitter @colinjamieson_
Facebook @ColinJamiesonEntertainment

Facts On Colin Jamieson

  1. Colin Jamieson didn’t reveal anything about his parents in the auditions. Also, we have no idea about his siblings right now.
  2. However, we know that Colin Jamieson is active on Instagram. His username is @colinjamieson, and his followers’ count has reached 2.1 thousand already.
  3. Moreover, we can read Colin Jamieson’s bio on Twitter. From there, we got the knowledge that he is also a music producer.
  4. Moving on to Jamieson’s hometown, he is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Thus, he is an American citizen.
  5. Well, he is a growing artist. So, there’s no Wikipedia page under Colin Jamieson’s name.
  6. As a singer, he has just released one track – it’s called 2020.
  7. Furthermore, he also has a Facebook page named Colin Jamieson Entertainment. This page has already earned 512 likes, and there are approximately 535 followers.

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