Colson Smith Weight Loss And Diet: Who is His Partner?

Who Is Colson Smith Partner? Know His Weight Loss Journey

Who Is Colson Smith Partner? Know His Weight Loss Journey

Colson Smith Weight Loss journey seems to be encouraging. Does he have an inspiring partner? Know everything here!!

Mr. Smith is an accomplished actor based in England. And, he is best known for his role as Craig Tinker in Coronation Street.

Interestingly, he has been in Coronation Street since the 2000s. This means he must have grown up on the sets of the famous TV series.

Similarly, he is also known from a famous British soap opera Platform 2C.

Colson Smith Weight Loss: Diet And Journey 

Colson Smith’s weight loss journey is releasing soon.

With proper diet and exercise, the actor has lost a remarkable amount of weight in a short time.

Smith used to be a bit bulky, but looking at his all-fit body now, people have been all curious about his journey.

As per Radio Times; Colson stated that he originally began filming his journey for his own motivation and to watch it alone.

However, he later changed his mind and decided on making it a documentary named Bored of Being The Fat Kid

He said that his decision changed with the thought of his journey being helpful to some people.

Though we are no sure about when to expect his full weight loss documentary, we got to know that it is all about his experience with running, diet, fitness, and weight loss.

He has uploaded the trailer on his YouTube channel.

Colson Partner: Is He In A Relationship? 

Colson Smith does not seem to have a partner.

As there has been no trace of the actor being in a romantic relationship, we assume he is yet to find the love of his life.

So, to make things clear, Colson appears single.

His Age: How Old?

Colson’s age is 22 years currently.

As per Famous Birthdays, he was born in the year 1998 and his birthday is celebrated on 13th August every year.

Similarly, his birth took place in Castleford, Dorset in England.

Meet The Actor On Instagram

Mr. Smith is available on Instagram under the handle @colsonjsmith.

Most of his Instagram posts in recent days feature him working out.

Similarly, he has 163k people following him on his verified Instagram handle.




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