Colt Brennan Net Worth, Girlfriend Wife And Accident: Hawaii QB Dead

Hawaii QB Colt Brennan Was A Heisman Finalist: Accident And Death Update

Hawaii QB Colt Brennan Was A Heisman Finalist: Accident And Death Update

Colt Brennan was a former NFL quarterback. Get to know his net worth and girlfriend. How did he die?

The former Washington quarterback, Colt Brennan has passed away at the age of 37. As confirmed by his father, the NFL star met his demise on Monday in a hospital in California. 

Moreover, Brennan played for the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and had a wonderful collegiate football career. As a junior, he made 58 touchdowns, breaking the college record for a junior. 

The quarterback was picked by the Washington Redskins in the sixth round of the 2010 Draft.

Colt Brennan Net Worth: How much did he make?

Colt Brennan had a net worth of around $1.8 million, as per Players Bio. 

The former NFL star made a lot of earnings during his time as a college football player. Besides, he did spend two years in the top flight of American football. 

After having picked in the sixth round of the 2010 draft, Washington released him in 2012. The quarterback suffered quite a lot of injuries and never got a chance to make an impact in the National Football League. 

Colt Brennan Girlfriend And Wife

Colt Brennan hadn’t shared any details about his girlfriend and wife.

The footballer was very much private when it came to his personal life. On the other hand, there were no rumors of him dating anyone during the time of his death. 

So, we do not have any details regarding his wife and girlfriend for the time being. 

Colt Brennan Accident and Cause of Death

Colt Brennan suffered a car accident in 2010. 

The accident left his ribs broken and he suffered a minor injury in his brain. He described the injury in an interview saying that he had a small scar on his brain. The accident wrecked his career. 

As for the cause of death, Colt Brennan fell unconsciously in a rehabilitation center and later died in the hospital. 

Moreover, he had been arrested multiple times for drunk driving and trespassing.


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