Comedian Gigi Proietti Wife And Family, Net Worth

Sagitta Alter Wikipedia: Comedian Gigi Proietti Wife And Family Facts

Sagitta Alter Wikipedia: Comedian Gigi Proietti Wife And Family Facts

Sagitta Alter is the wife of the late comedian and actor, Gigi Proietti. Gigi Proietti passed away on November 2, 2020, and the cause of his death was a heart attack. The date 2nd November was the day Gigi Proietti was born and on the same date 2nd November of 2020, he died on his 80th birthday.

Sagitta Alter is in huge shock and in immense sadness and the news of his death has broken the heart of his fans who genuinely supported him. Below are some of the 10 facts about Sagitta Alter that you should know

Name Sagitta Alter
Gender Female
Nationality Italian
Profession Tour Guide
Married/Single Married
Husband Gigi Proietti
Children Susanna Proietti and Carlotta Proietti

10 Facts About Sagitta Alter

  1. Sagitta Alter is the wife of the famous late actor and comedian, Gigi Proietti who is also a director, musician, singer, and television presenter.
  2. The wife of Gigi Proietti, Sagitta Alter’s reference has not been mentioned on Wikipedia up to now which is not consider good.
  3. Comedian Gigi Proietti Wife, Sagitta Alter’s age reference, and details have been kept off the record but we do know that she is from Sweden.
  4. Gigi Proietti and Sagitta Alter were in a beautiful relationship with each other from the year 1962 as he met her when she was a tour guide.
  5. How did Gigi die? well, he was the victim of a Heart attack and passed away in the hospital.
  6. Sagitta Alter got married to Gigi Proietti in the year 1967 and has been together since. They have two children as daughter Susanna Proietti and Carlotta Proietti and had a perfect family.
  7. The net worth of Sagitta Alter is not known but the net worth of Gigi Proietti is around $174,1 Million as per some sources.
  8. Sagitta Alter probably belongs to white ethnicity.
  9. Furthermore, the information about her educational background is unknown to us.
  10. Similarly, she is from Sweden and followed the profession of the tourist guide.

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