Comedian Mike Goodwin AGT – Age Wikipedia and Instagram

Comedian Mike Goodwin AGT – Age Wikipedia and Instagram

Comedian Mike Goodwin AGT – Age Wikipedia and Instagram

Local comedian Mike Goodwin has just auditioned for the big platform AGT. Learn more about him. 

Mike Goodwin is a standup comedian from South Carolina. With his clean comedy without vulgarity, he has established himself as one of the best comedians. 

He is mostly known for his clean and hilarious comedy and his iconic bowtie. Recently, he has become the internet sensation for his audition on the great reality tv show America’s Got Talent AGT. 

Mike is a renowned comedian, but this is his first time performing in front of a huge mass audience on a big stage like AGT. AGT is a part of the global Got Talent franchise. 

Comedian Mike Goodwin In AGT – How Was His Audition?

Comedian Mike Goodwin has just appeared on AGT’s stage on July 20, 2021.

He is a well-known local comedian. However, this was his first performance in front of hundreds of audiences on the big stage. He was there with his content based on homeschooling kids on pandemics. 

With his amazing performance, he made all judges and audiences laugh hard. Also, he got fours yes from the judges and great applause from the audience. 

Mike Goodwin Age

Mike Goodwin’s age is now 46 years old. His birthdate is not known right now. 

Mike Goodwin Wikipedia Bio

Mike Goodwin is yet to be listed on Wikipedia’s Official Webpage. However, he is not hard to reach out to. 

He is a former U.S. Army and stand-up comedian from South Carolina. Also, he was an education professional. He holds a master’s degree in Education from the University of South Carolina. 

He is known for his clean comedy and signature bow tie. Recently, he has appeared on the stage of AGT and wowed the judges as well as audiences. He went to another round with four yes from the judges.

Mike Goodwin Wife And Family

Mike Goodwin is a family man. His wife’s name is Rozalynn Goodwin. 

Also, he is a father of two, whom he has not mentioned yet. He is super close with his family. 

Meet Him On Instagram

Mike is active on Instagram with the name @bowtiecomdey, where he has about 17.6k followers. 

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