Complexity Twitch Age, Real Name, Height and Net Worth 2020

Complexity Twitch Age, Real Name, Height and Net Worth 2020

Complexity Twitch Age, Real Name, Height and Net Worth 2020

Who is Complexity? Complexity has been best recognized as an esports organization that is regularly active on Twitch and have earned a total of 112 thousand followers there. If you have watched their videos, you probably know that they are World of Warcraft content creators. They also have their own YouTube channel where they upload their gaming videos regularly. 

Name Complexity (Complexity Gaming)
Nationality American
Profession Gaming Organization
Instagram @complexitygaming
Twitter @Complexity
Youtube Complexity Gaming
Facebook @ComplexityGaming

As of today’s date, this organization is considered to be one of the longest standing esports organizations in the world. Until now, they have managed to win more than 140 championships. Apart from just World of Warcraft, they have competed in other popular games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Dota, etc. 

10 Facts on Complexity:

  1. Complexity or also known as Complexity Gaming is an esports organization that is active on Twitch and they even sell their own merch. 
  2. Talking about the age group, we can confirm that Complexity members have an age range of 16 years to 40 years.
  3. Moreover, popular members of Complexity are Reptar (real name – Ryan Boyd), RUSH (real name – William Wierzba), Punisher (real name – Vincent Valtancoli), TheJordude (real name – Jordan Hong Tai), etc. 
  4. Furthermore, Complexity is considered to be one of the greatest organizations and the hype of their gaming videos has reached a tall height
  5. Moving on, Jerry Jones and John Goff are the owners of this organization and as per official reports, we have found out that the estimated net worth of Jerry is approximately $8.4 billion as of 2020.
  6. Since it is one of the best esports organizations, we believe most of the members have already revealed their faces
  7. Speaking about their earnings, it has been known that the organization has already earned $4,491,813.23 from almost 601 tournaments. 
  8. As per a Facebook post by Complexity, coL. Ryan has the best girlfriend in the world. 
  9. Speaking about their social media presence, we can find them on Instagram (75.1 thousand followers), Facebook (186.05 thousand followers), and Twitter (246.6 thousand followers). 
  10. According to their official Wikipedia page, we have come to know that the company was established in 2003 by Jason Lake. 

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