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Conner Dwelly

Conner Dwelly

Conner Dwelly is a beautiful actress from Canada who has been in lots of movies and Television shows in her career. she has done more movies than TV series. She hasn’t really been in big-budget movies as indie movies are more her thing. Whatever she has worked in, she has managed to make it personal and that’s why watchable.

She is based in Canada but has to travel sometimes because of the movie shootings. It’s a beautiful proposition to be asked to do a movie and travel to different places all while getting paid. Her latest work is  The Predator which was released in 2018. She first began her career with Passangers which was released in 2008.

Name Conner Dwelly
Birthday December 10, 1998
Age 21
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actress
Parents William Dwelly
Instagram connerdwelly

10 Facts On Conner Dwelly

  1. Conner Dwelly was born on December 10, 1998, in Toronto, Canada.
  2. She is currently 21 years old as of 2020. That’s really young and she still has a lot to look forward to in acting career.
  3. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches according to a very reliable source. A source I used to gather this information is her IMDB page.
  4. She has starred in a movie called Girlfriend’s Gide To Divorce which was about a single woman in her 40s looking for love.
  5. She also has made films and enjoys making artistic illustrations when she’s not acting.
  6. We couldn’t find her net worth details but I am sure she’s making a decent pay in these films.
  7. She loves to play theremin as said on her Instagram bio. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia.
  8. Dwelly could be single as there are no hints about her relationship status on her Instagram posts. She might have a boyfriend in secret. As of now, nobody knows.
  9. She is a dog lover and owns a pug.
  10. Dwelly has an Instagram following of 884 people.

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