Conservativecoy1776 Tiktok – Who Is Nurse Nathan Coy?

Who Is Conservativecoy1776 Tiktok? Nurse Nathan Coy Fired Over Hateful Videos

Who Is Conservativecoy1776 Tiktok? Nurse Nathan Coy Fired Over Hateful Videos

Conservativecoy1776 Tiktok aka Nathan Coy loses his nurse duty after posting a controversial video. Let’s find out.

Nathan Coy is a Tiktok user and a registered nurse.

People often use media such as Tiktok for entertainment purposes. However, some use it to offend people and to get viral for no reason.

One of the users who is getting slammed for his controversial content is Nathan Coy aka Conservativecoy1776. Here are some details on him

Conservativecoy1776 Tiktok Video Explained

Conservativecoy1776 aka Nathan Coy was an active user on Tiktok.

He reportedly shared controversial videos which were racists and homophobic.

The TikTok user was identified because some of the videos were recorded in his nurse uniform. 

In most of his videos, he shares misinformation regarding COVID-19 making racist, homophobic, transphobic, and Islamophobic comments.

His TikTok account under the name  “Conservativecoy1776” has been private after getting slammed.

However, a compilation video has been shared by TikTok creator @rx0rcist aka Savannah who exposes Coy of his abusive contents.

Check out the video below.


Good job, mom.❤️ #accountability #healthcare #science #MACscaraface #fyp #covid #vaccinate

♬ original sound – Savannah

Following which “@rx0rcist” made complaints against Coy’s employers in Alabama to take action against him.

After creating such content, Coy has been slammed and criticized numerous social media platforms.

Until now, Nathan Coy has more than 9822 followers and is liked by 87.1 thousand over the platform.

Who Is Nurse Nathan Coy?

Nathan Coy is a Male Nurse from Alabama.

He was previously employed at the Baptist Health in Montgomery and in the Alabama Board of Nursing.

After his video made its way to r/ByeByeJob, Redditors.

They criticized the points made by Nathan the nurse and speculated about what might come next.

Another user criticized him for not utilizing resources available to educate himself.

For now, there are very limited information is available about the medical employee.

He could not be identified on other social media platform other than Tiktok.



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