Covid Vaccine Meme and Meaning Explained

TikTok: Covid Vaccine Meme and Meaning Explained

TikTok: Covid Vaccine Meme and Meaning Explained

COVID-19 is definitely the worst thing that has happened in 2020 and the COVID-19 vaccine memes on TikTok have probably kept us alive. It is very annoying that we have spent almost the entire year staying at home but thanks to the memesters who have kept on entertaining us throughout these lockdown days.

TikTok: COVID Vaccine Meme and Meaning Explained:

So, it’s definitely a hot topic to talk about as each and every one of us has been at least entertained by one of the COVID vaccine memes. In fact, some of us have even tried making our own version of it.

Although various nations have been trying their best to discover a vaccine that would treat this dangerous disease, none of them have actually been 100% successful. The COVID vaccine memes started spreading when people came to know that the recovery rate from COVID-19 is much higher than that of the vaccine recently prepared. 

Old lady getting COVID vaccine funny:

Once the local COVID vaccines started to go on trial, it was a concern to the world about the safety of the virus. However, the funny part is that the first-ever person to try the virus was a 91 years old lady

Don’t know if it’s actually funny but we can say that the old lady of the United Kingdom is definitely brave. Well, TikTok users did not stop their memes as we can still find tons of memes related to the old lady getting the COVID vaccine. 

Nurse Fainted After Vaccine:

As per reports claimed by USA Today, a nurse from Catholic Health Initiatives Memorial Hospital named Tiffany Dover had fainted for a short period of time after getting the virus. The video clips of her spread all around the globe and there was a major concern about the vaccine as well as the nurse’s health.

However, it has been reported that Tiffany is doing well now. Although her safety news has come out, people have spread the rumors that she is already dead. 

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