Croia Mcgregor Age Birthday And Net Worth: Conor McGregor Daughter

How Old Is Croia Mcgregor? Everything On Conor McGregor Daughter

How Old Is Croia Mcgregor? Everything On Conor McGregor Daughter

Who is Croia Mcgregor? How Old Is She? Today we have gathered everything publicly available on Conor Mcgregor daughter which you can read below.

Croia is the daughter of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) athlete Conor McGregor.

He is an Irish mixed martial artist, a boxer, and a businessman. He is also a former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion.

He is one of the best athletes produced by UFC and is considered #6th best Lightweight even after his temporary retirement. 

Croia Mcgregor: Age and Birthday

Croia Mcgregor is 2 years old in age as of the year 2020.

Croia celebrates her birthday every year on January 2.

Also, according to Conor’s Wikipedia page, Croia, who was born in 2019 – She is also the daughter of her mom Dee Devlin, who has remained Conor’s fiancee since 2008.

Many of his viewers and his fans noticed the notorious MMA athlete sharing adorable snaps with his daughter. “Happy Second Birthday to my beautiful daughter Croia,” he wrote as a caption.

Croia also has an elder sibling. Her brother and Conor’s first child Conor Jack Mcgregor was born on May 5, 2017.

Croia Mcgregor: Net Worth

Croia does not have any individual source of income. She is just 2 years of age. However, her father is one of the wealthiest athletes of his generation.

Conor has endorsement deals with companies including Beasts By Dr. Dre, Reebok, Monster Energy, Budlight Beer, and Burger King.

Amassing all the statistics, Conor Mcgregor is worth $200 Million in pre-tax earnings.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Conor earned over $47 million from his UFC salary and brand endorsements.

He also made $50 Million on his paper view boxing event Conor Mcgregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight.

And, he also runs his own whiskey brand  Proper No. Twelve.

Croia Mcgregor: Social Media Life

Yes, Conor’s little princes Croia has her own Instagram page as well.

However, since she is too young for social media, her mother, Dee Devil, personally manages her daughter’s account.

You can follow her @croiamcgregor1.

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