Crosscode Gamepass July 2020, Switch Release Date and Review

Crosscode Gamepass July 2020, Switch Release Date and Review

Crosscode Gamepass July 2020, Switch Release Date and Review

CrossCode is a famous action RPG that has become one of the biggest RPG games in the world. The console version of the game is being released in July 2020

The game has been globally loved by audiences and critics alike. The 2D RPG was already a beloved title on PC and Mac, this time GamePass and other game subscriptions have offered the game which will be available to PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. 

Crosscode Release Date: Coming To Console In July

The game was first released by Deck13 for Linux, macOS, and Windows on September 20, 2018. 

CrossCode is coming to consoles to PS4, Switch, Xbox One on July 9, 2020. The cost for the game has remained almost similar at $19.99 and pre-orders are already available at the Microsoft Store as of July 8, 2020.


CrossCode is a game within a game, the lead character is Shizuka Sakai who fights her way and rescues her brother but he dies in her arms just as he is found by Shizuka. 

Then, the story advances as another girl Lea who has no memories of her past when she is shown in the story, who wakes up and is told that she must play the MMORPG “CrossWorlds” to unfold her past memories. 

She starts playing the game and makes a friend called Emile along the way, both of them then join a guild. The mains story unfolds as the Evotar concept is brought into the light. 

The ‘Evotar’ is an artificial intelligence that is based on real humans. Similarly, it is revealed that Lea is an Evotar project based on Shizuka’s memories. Another revelation comes when she finds out that Sergei worked on the creation of the game they were currently in, CrossWorlds. 

He was helping her escape and regain memories. he also tells her that he, Shizuka, and her brother Satoshi all worked for the creation of the game at Instatainment Company. 

The main antagonist of the game is Benedict Sidwell who paid for the Evotar project, he forced the main characters into the Evotar project so that he could extract information from them. 

Lea also learns that the real Satoshi is already dead bu the Evotar based on his memory still exists within the game world. She tries to get the data of the Evotars and has to duel Gautham Ranganathan,  to get access to the servers. 

Lea wins the duel and is given access to the server, Gautham takes his own life to atone for working with Sidwell. The protagonist succeeds in foiling Benedict’s plans. 

The game has two outcomes that depend on the user’s input. In one of them, the Evotars stop existing as the company is closed, and in another due to one of Lea’s friends they are allowed to exist within the game. 

Crosscode Ratings And Reviews

The RPG got a lot of good reviews from critics and audience alike, Metacritic scored the game and 86/100. On the site as of July 2020, 13 out of 13 critics scored the game positively. 

Similarly, out of 46 user reviews, 39 were positive with some of them even being perfect cores, 2 were mixed and 5 were negative.

“One of the users reviews read This is one of my favorite games this year. One problem with it right now is that there isn’t a lot of story, but again its in beta.”

Further adding “For 20$ you get 15+ hours of single-player fun. And that’s with the beta. Even more when the full game releases. I would recommend this game even before I would recommend AAA titles like BF1 and Titanfall 2.”

Watch the full review for the game that is coming soon to consoles below on the SwitchUp channel

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