Dan O’Toole’s Wife Corrie O’Toole Baby: Age, Wiki, Net Worth

Corrie O’Toole
Corrie O’Toole

Corrie O’Toole is the former wife of the Canadian Tv host, Dan O’Toole. He is the Sports presenter for the TSN Network. He used to work alongside Jay Onrait.

According to him, his 1 month child, Oakland went missing on July 3. He wrote it on Instagram that his daughter was abducted and hopes that she is alive. However, after few hours he confirmed that the daughter was found safe with her mother. 

Name Corrie O’Toole
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Married/Single Divorced
Children 3

10 Facts on Corrie O’Toole

  1. Corroe O’Toole is the ex wife of the TSN Tv personality, Dan O’Toole. There are a lot of comments about her on the social media regarding the abduction of her daughter. 
  2. Her daughter, Oakland went missing as per the Dan’s instagram post. He confirmed the birth of his daughter on May 26. She is 5 weeks old.  
  3. Corrie’s age, however, is yet to be determined. She has kept her things private hence, it is quite difficult to extract information about her. 
  4. Likewise, Corrie O’Toole is the mother of three children. Two of them are her own children. But whether Oakland is her daughter or not, the fact is still to be known. 
  5. However, she doesn’t have a wikipedia biography till date. But her bio is written on several web portals. 
  6. As for her net worth, these details are still to be found and will be updated swiftly once they are available. 
  7. After the Dan’s post on Instagram, the incident heated up a little bit. His fans blamed his ex-wife, Corrie for the act. 
  8. However, Dan made another Instagram post that his ex-wife had nothing to do about it. He urged his followers to leave her alone. 
  9. But the negative comments about her kept coming like a hurricane. There haven’t been any significance action taken by police either. 
  10. As for her daughter, Oakland, she is reported to be found with her mother, safe and sound. Dan’s company TSN hasn’t made any comments on the incidents till now. 

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