Dani Laidley Photos: Wife And Case Update

Who Is Dani Laidley? What Happened To Him? Case Details

Who Is Dani Laidley? What Happened To Him? Case Details

Dani Laidley photos had sparked drama in the Australian Police department. She has finally received justice!

Things have got rocky for former AFL coach Dani Laidley since her gender transition.

First, she had to face public trolls after she disclosed her true identity. Furthermore, Laidley is also caught up in lawsuits. 

Dani Laidley Photos: Why Was She Arrested?

Dani Laidley has won her photos lawsuit against the Victoria police.

In May 2020, the police arrested Dani Laidley on account of stalking. Likewise, she was also found with a recreational drug under her garments. Moreover, she also interrogated custody.

However, the police allegedly exposed her pictures with Dani’s consent. As a fact, pictures of Lialdey’s with makeup and blonde wig circulated everywhere on the internet.

Raged by the misconduct, the former AFL coached filed a case against the police officers.

Dani had just gone under a public gender transition just in November 2020.

Previously known as Dean Laidley, she played in the male AFL team for over a decade. However, she has fully changed her identity to Ms. Dani Laidley. 

Update on Her Case

Dani Laidely has won her case as the latest update.

The Victoria’s Supreme Court has charged 11 police officers relating to the case.

Likewise, it has asked all men to pay Dani with compensation ranging from $500 and $3,000.

Furthermore, the three main officers are even facing criminal charges.

In addition, 6 police officers involved in the other aspects were put in 12 months good behavior bond.

In addition, the court is also charging one of the detectives who circulated her photos in Watsapp with derogatory remarks. 

Meet Dani Laidley Wife 

Dani Laidley’s wife is Joanne Laidley.

Dani and Joanne have three children together: Molly, Kane, and Brooke.

However, the couple has been really silent after Dani’s public gender transition. As a fact, Joanne has not spoken to the media yet.

Born on March 27, 1967, Dani is 54 years old as of now. He served as the coach of the AFL North Melbourne football team from 2003 to 2009.

Likewise, he last worked with Carlton.  

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