Daniel Laurie Parents Wikipedia – Jane Laurie And Leslie Grantham Son

Daniel Laurie In Call The Midwife Has A Famous Parents – Who Are They?

Daniel Laurie In Call The Midwife Has A Famous Parents – Who Are They?

Daniel Laurie is the boy of famous parents who still lacks a Wikipedia presence. Let us know him better.

Laurie is a cast of Call The Midwife. He has starred in the series as a generous character since 2017.

Meet Daniel Laurie Parents

Daniel Laurie is a kid of celebrity personality. He was welcomed to the family in 1995.

Actually, Daniel is one of the three children of his father. He has two older brothers.

Daniel does not have a twin brother as per the information available on the internet. He is the youngest kid in the family. 

His eldest bro Spike Laurie has reached the age of 33 as of now. He is an actor and producer. Spike has an established career in sports journalism.

To be exact, Spike works at ESL Gaming, an e-sports magazine. He is a vice-president of Global Publisher and Developer Relations there.

Besides, Jake Laurie is the other brother of Daniel. He is also associated with the film and TV industry. The man held the position of the head publicist on the 2012 series Greenwood Manor.

Find Daniel Laurie On Wikipedia

Daniel Laurie is yet to book his spot on the encyclopedia of the internet. Yet his bio is covered by numerous portals on the internet.

Laurie earned maximum attention for his role in Call the Midwife. He plays the character of Reggie Jackson in the series.

Similarly, he appeared as Adam Beecher in Vera. In addition, he was seen playing the role of Zack in the comedy picture Finding Alice.

Interestingly, Daniel commenced his acting career with a role in the radio version of Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens.

Daniel has a net worth of over $500k for sure. He earned the fortune through his rising career in the acting industry.

Daniel Laurie is Jane Laurie and Leslie Grantham Son

Daniel Laurie was born to Jane Laurie and Leslie Grantham. He later took the surname of his mother.

Laurie’s dad is an iconic actor. He is most known for his role as Den Watts in EastEnders.

Sadly, Leslie lost his life at the age of 17 in 2018. He had faced a criminal charger for murder in 1967. The actor even received a life imprisonment sentence at the time.

Jane and Leslie had married in 1981. But their relationship of around 32 years ended with a divorce in 2013.

Know Daniel Laurie Age and Height

Daniel Laurie has reached the age of 25 years old. But his exact date of both has not surfaced on the internet as of now.

Besides, Laurie has a body with decent height and physique. He suffers a down syndrome. 

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