Daniela Blanco Age Wikipedia, Boyfriend And Instagram

Daniela Blanco Wikipedia: Get To Know Own The Room Entrepreneur

Daniela Blanco Wikipedia: Get To Know Own The Room Entrepreneur

Own The Room: Daniela Blanco Age Boyfriend Wikipedia: How old is the entrepreneur Daniela Blanco? Stay with the post to find out more.

Daniela Blanco is a young businesswoman. She is a part of the Disney+ documentary show Own the Room.

The documentary follows five student entrepreneurs from different corners of the world. They will be competing for the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Summit. Furthermore, it premieres on Disney+ as part of the National Geographic Documentary Film series.

Quick Facts:

Name Daniela Blanco
Birthday 25-30
Gender Female
Nationality Venezuelan-American
Profession Entrepreneur
Education New York University

Daniela Blanco Age and Wikipedia Explored

Daniela Blanco age appears to be somewhere around 25-30.

However, the entrepreneur’s actual birth details are unknown.

Daniela has not been featured on the Wikipedia page. Her research interest includes Electrochemistry, Organic Electrosynthesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Who is Her Boyfriend?

Daniela is yet to reveal her boyfriend or relationship status.

Daniela has been very focused on her education and career. Her goal in life is to make the chemical industry more sustainable.

Daniela does not use Instagram.

Some Facts on Daniela Blanco

  1. Daniela is a young inspiring Venezuelan scientist now living in the USA. Uniquely, she embodies two countries at once.
  2. Daniela is a Co-founder and CTO of the Sunthetics INC. The startup provides easy-to-use electrochemical manufacturing equipment coupled with machine-learning (ML) platforms for accelerated process optimization and implementation.
  3. She is a chemical scientist looking for a way to efficiently process a safer renewable chemical process in products in hopes of using fewer resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Her actual net worth is not known. However, she has won $400,000 from different entrepreneurial competitions to support funding her company.
  5. Daniela has been a bright student from an early age. She completed her Ph.D. from New York University.
  6. Daniela has a LinkedIn profile under her name, over which she has more than 500+ connections. Daniela hopes someday she will change the world.

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