Danielle Kretzmer Age, Herbert Kretzmer Daughter, Family Facts

Danielle Kretzmer: Facts on Herbert Kretzmer Daughter

Danielle Kretzmer: Facts on Herbert Kretzmer Daughter

Danielle Kretzmer is the daughter of one of the most well-known media personalities named Herbert Kretzmer. He was a journalist as well as a lyricist. One of the most loved works of her father is Les Misérables.

Name Danielle Kretzmer
Gender Female
Nationality British
Parents Herbert Kretzmer and Elisabeth Margaret Wilson
Siblings Matthew Kretzmer

How old is Danielle Kretzmer? Her exact age is yet to be known and the investigation is still on. Her mother, Elisabeth Margaret Wilson is considered as the first wife of Danielle’s father. Her father married Elisabeth in the year 1961 and they got divorced in the year 1973.

10 Facts on Danielle Kretzmer:

  1. Danielle Kretzmer’s net worth has not yet been figured out most probably because she is not as popular as how her father was.
  2. Born in one of the states of the United Kingdom, she is said to be of British nationality.
  3. Her father was found dead at his own home in London, UK but the reason behind his death is still unknown.
  4. Herbert Kretzmer was already 95 years old when he died and his death has definitely left Danielle heartbroken. 
  5. Herbert‘s Les Misérables has become one of the most successful musical productions in the world and all of his family members including Danielle are very proud of this achievement. 
  6. Talking more about her family, Danielle Kretzmer has a brother whose name is Matthew Kretzmer. 
  7. We have not much idea about the profession of her mother, Elisabeth Margaret Wilson
  8. After her parents got divorced, she along with her brother lived with their step-mom, Sybil Sever since the year 1988.
  9. Since we remain completely unknown about her husband, we have not mentioned him here. In fact, we do not even know if she had ever got married or not. 
  10. There are literally no wiki sites or any other websites that have featured Danielle. And, we hope you enjoyed all of these facts as this article on our site is the only source of information you are going to find about her. 

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