Danny Coster Johan Cruyff Wife Age Wiki, Net Worth And Children

Where is Danny Coster Johan Cruyff Wife Now?

Where is Danny Coster Johan Cruyff Wife Now?

Danny Coster, Johan Cruyff‘s wife, was an influential character in his entire footballing career.

When the longwinded football legend Johan took his last breath on March 24, 2016, Danny Coster was right beside him. This showcased how close they were, and their relationship meant everything for Cruyff.

Since the couples tied the knot on December 2, 1968, Coster had taken over Johan‘s professional life. Whether it was during Johan‘s football career or his managerial career, she was the one to take his life decisions.

Meet Danny Coster Johan Cruyff Wife

Danny Coster is known to us, all thanks to the extraordinary career of the late Johan Cruyff.

Allegedly, it’s known that Danny had stopped Cruyff from playing the 1978 FIFA World Cup held in Argentina.

Back in 1977, the couples were tied up and held hostage in their Barcelona apartment. An interesting fact about the couples is that Johan was nothing before Danny walked into his life. Indeed, she was the source of inspiration for one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Danny Age Revealed

Danny Coster’s age is already 71 years old.

She was born on April 19, 1949, and will be celebrating her 72nd birthday very soon.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Danny is of Dutch nationality. However, there is nothing to note about her ethnicity.

Coster Wiki Explored

Danny Coster’s details are unavailable on any wiki site. However, we can read her bio on Heavy.

However, there is Wikipedia under her husband’s name. According to the site, her full name is Diana Margaretha Coster.

Everything On Danny Net Worth

Well, nothing has yet been published about Danny Coster’s net worth. In fact, we are clueless about her professional life.

However, we can confirm that Cruyff had a net worth of more than 100 million before his time of death. If he had been playing today, his worth would be in the billions.

Danny Coster Children

Danny Coster has three children Chantal, Sushila, and Jordi

Speaking more about her family, Danny was born to Cor Coster, a Dutch businessman who even worked as Johan‘s agent.

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