Darren Barnet Race And Nationality

Darren Barnet Race And Nationality – Japanese Origin Explained

Darren Barnet Race And Nationality – Japanese Origin Explained

Darren Barnet of mixed race holds an American nationality. Let us explore Darren’s Japanese origine and parents.

Darren is a popular actor from California. He is known for his role in the Netflix drama series Never Have I Ever.

Darren Barnet Race – Japanese Origine Explained

Darren Barnet’s race is mixed.

Actually, Barnet belongs to Japanese- American ethnicity.

Darren has a Japanese origine from his mother.

In fact, Barnet’s mother possesses Japanese and Swedish descent. On the other hand, his father is of German and Native American origin.

Notably, Darren is able to speak fluently in the Japanese and French languages. Furthermore, he knows a bit of Spanish as well. Besides, English remains his national language.

Likewise, Barnet has portrayed his Asian background in his characters. Those roles have been loved and enjoyed by his fans.

What is Darren Barnet Nationality?

Darren Barnet’s nationality is American.

Barnet was born in Los Angeles, CA. Despite his multinational ancestry, he is an American citizen. No doubt, he is proud of his origin too.

Also, Darren has reached 30 years of age being born on April 27, 1991. He moved to Orlando, Florida soon after reaching the age of 12.

On the other hand, Barnet attended Dr. Phillips High School graduating in 2009. Not to mention, he used to captain the Lacrosse team there.

Likewise, Barnet began actively pursuing his acting dream during his college days. He is a Berry College graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Who Are Darren Barnet Parents?

Darren Barnet was born to his parents Deborah and Charlie D. Barnet Jr.

As mentioned above, Barnet’s parents have multinational descent.

Also, the Barnet family has three kids altogether. Darren has two sisters named Jennifer barnet and Emily Breidy. Actually, Emily is his half-sister.

As a matter of fact, Darren’s dad was diagnosed with cancer when Darren was a teenager. Charlie was involved in music.

Similarly, Darren is the grandson of Charlie Barnet. He was a swing musician.

Not to mention, Barnet was raised by his single mom. He reportedly has a stepfather named Hady J Briedy. Hady is the father of his younger sister Emily.

Darren is a typical family guy. He is seen taking pictures with his family quite often.

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