Darya Sudnishnikova Tiktok, Age, Pregnant, Parents, Instagram

Darya Sudnishnikova

Darya Sudnishnikova

Darya Sudnishnikova is a 13-year-old Russian TikToker and social star. She is known for her TikTok account @uverdig_iv. 

Name Darya Sudnishnikova
Age 13 years old
Gender Female
Nationality Russian
Profession Social Media Star
Married/Single Dating
Children 1 daughter
Instagram @uverdig_ivv
Tiktok @uverdig_iv

Darya went viral on the internet after she claimed her boyfriend impregnated her. She has initially alleged that 11-year-old Ivan was her baby daddy.

However, it was later disclosed that she was raped by another boy. 

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МОЯ сумка в роддом🧸 Что же я брала с собой в роддом, спрашивали многие. Так вот что👇🏻 🔹ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО паспорт, снилс, родовой сертификат 🔹2 сорочки и халат 🔹резиновые тапочки 🔹одежда для ребёнка(носочки,шапочки, распашонки) всего брала по 2 🔹послеродовой бандаж 🔹компрессионные чулки 🔹крем для сосков 🔹памперсы 🔹одноразовые послеродовые трусы 🔹прокладки перед родами 🔹послеродовые прокладки 🔹средства личной гигиены(зуб.щетка, зуб.паста, шампунь, расчёска, мыло, туалетная бумага) 🔹посуду я не брала, так как её выдали в роддоме 🔹нижнее бельё 🔹2бутылки воды 🔹печеньки 🔹телефон, зарядка, наушники 🔹влажные салфетки Ну надеюсь не про что не забыла💕

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10 Facts on Darya Sudnishnikova

  1. Darya Sudnishnikova is a TikTok star and social media influencer. She is the age of 13 years old. However, her birthday and zodiac sign are off the web.
  2. Darya made headlines after she claimed that her 11 years old boyfriend had made her pregnant. She was dating her boyfriend, Ivan when the news came out.
  3. However, it was later revealed that Sudnishnikova was raped by a 16 years old boy. Recently, she gave birth to a baby after a risky delivery. The police are yet to investigate the whole story.
  4. Darya’s parents are very worried about the current situation and have maintained privacy. Likewise, we were unable to gather information about them or her siblings.
  5. Following her bio, Sudnishnikova born and raised from Russia. Hence, she is Russian by nationality. However, we are unsure about her ethnicity. 
  6. The TikTok star stands at a decent height and weight. But, her official body measurements are off the web. Furthermore, she has green eyes and blonde hair.
  7. Darya is a rising TikTok artist with her account @uverdig_iv. As a matter of fact, she has amassed 62.4k followers on the platform. In addition, her videos have a total of 578.2k likes to date.
  8. Sudnishnikova currently attends a school in Russia. But, since the incident, she has decided to not share much information about her personal life.
  9. Darya comes from a well family background. Moreover, with her internet career at a young age, she must be earning a handsome fortune. 
  10. You can follow her on Instagram as @uverdig_ivv. In fact, 120k people follow her on the social app. 

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