David McPhail Obituary Wife And Family: Cause Of Death

How Did David McPhail Died? Everything On His Wife And Family

How Did David McPhail Died? Everything On His Wife And Family

David McPhail death last night has put the whole acting industry in deep grief. See how did he die. Lets learn more about him.

David was a New Zealand actor and comedian. He died in his sleep on Thursday night (13 May 2021).

David McPhail Death: Cause of Death Revealed

David McPhail’s death occurred last night.

McPhail died at the age of 76. His son Matt announced his death on his Facebook post. He said that both he and his sister got the chance to be by their father’s side when he died.

McPhail’s cause of death was a heart attack which he had last night. His son revealed that he was not feeling well for a while.

Moreover, he suffered a silent death in his sleep with his kids by the side.

David died at the Merivale retirement Village in Christchurch. He was living there for a while.

David McPhail Obituary

His son released David McPhail’s obituary at first.

McPhail’s son tributed him as a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather in the obituary. He says David’s death will leave a big gap in their lives.

Several figures of the acting industry and community have also expressed their grief. David Fane, a famous writer, and actor said McPhail was one of his heroes.

In fact, Fane had felt he met an important person when he met McPhail for the first time.

McPhail’s former comedy partner and close friend McVeigh QC also wrote his words. He called David’s death “devastating,” describing him as a gentleman.

Besides, actor Peter Rowly tributed him by talking about his influence in the country and himself too.

No doubt, the whole acting community is deeply saddened by losing a gem of David’s caliber.

With a TV career of around four decades, David has left us with many memories of his brilliant satires and acts.

David McPhail Wife & Family

David McPhail’s wife is Anne McLeod.

The two had tied their knots on the 25th of February 1967. 

Similarly, David’s family included two children and grandchildren. David shared a son and a daughter with his wife.

McPhail’s son Matt is a TV Producer at Stanley St. in Auckland, New Zealand.

He previously worked as a producer and director at Satellite Media in Auckland. David was the grandfather to two children of Matt.

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