David Weedman Murder And Family: Randy Coalter Update Now

What Happened to David Weedman? Case Update And More

What Happened to David Weedman? Case Update And More

David Weedman murder story was full of twists and turns during 2017. Here are updates on his infamous murder case.

David Weedman was a man from the Tell City, Indiana. His death took a suspicious turn on the local news in the year 2017.

The murder story has been featured in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Murder In The Heartland: Unbrotherly Behavior

For now, we bring David Weedman’s case update. Furthermore, read until the end to know what had happened.

David Weedman Murder 

David Weedman’s murder takes us back to the year 2017.

After not being seen for many days, his family and friend were worried.

Only to discover him dead at his home in the small town of Tell City, Indiana.

Weedman was found in his living room covered with blood and a gun in his hand.

During the time his death was taken as a suicide. But his family forced the police for further investigation.

Upon which David’s best friends were found the prime murder suspects.

Eventually, Weedman’s friend Randy Coalter was proved guilty of his murder.

Where Is Randy Coalter Now?

David Weedman’s killer Randy Coalter was arrested on March 21, 2017.

The investigation led detectives to find out that Coalter and Weedman had a fight on March 1, 2017.

The argument happened when Coalter suspected that his girlfriend Nicki Anderson was having an affair with David.

Later, Nickie, herself exposed Randy Coalter of Weedman’s murder.

Following this, Randy Coalter was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment in September the same year.

As of now, he is remains jailed at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Sullivan County, Indiana.

David Weedman Wife and Family

David Weedman was married to his wife.

However, we do not know details about her.

He was father to four kids and two-step children, also had a sister named Barb Dauby.

According to his family, he has been described as everyone’s friend in the Tell City.

Who Is David Weedman? Wikipedia

David Weedman does not have a Wikipedia bio.

He was a common man of age 62 years old.

Professionally worked as an Auto Body Shop owner. Before which ran a trash service in his hometown.

David Weedman graduated from Cannelton High School in Indiana.

He was murdered on March 1, 2017.








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